7 tips on makeup for people who wear contact lenses

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You must have read not one article about how to do makeup if you wear glasses. In our today’s article we have collected tips ophthalmologist Susan Resnick, who told how to apply make without damaging the contact lenses.

Wash your hands thoroughly

Susan Resnick advises to wear contact lenses before makeup and remove them before removing make-up residues and use moisturizer, because all that remains on the fingers can be easily transferred to the surface of contact lenses. Therefore, before conducting any manipulations with lenses, make sure your hands are perfectly clean and 100% dry. Tap water can contain Acanthamoeba parasite, which is dangerous for the eyes. The parasite lives in water and enters the human eye through microtrauma, which can be obtained, for example, wearing contact lenses. Getting into the eye, the Acanthamoeba can cause complete loss of vision in a few weeks.

Do not use beauty products oil-based

Oils that are used in creams, for example, eye shadows can sometimes be hit and mucous membranes of the eyes and thus spoil contact lenses. Remember that your lenses and cosmetics are oil based do not mix with each other as well as water and oil. The solution is simple — select funds (both decorative and body), water-based.

Do not apply eyeliner on the edge of the lower eyelid

Edge of the lower eyelid is the area that directly touches the surface of the eye and contact lenses, so when you blink the particles of cosmetics are easy to get to the tear film and lead to contamination of lenses, as well as to the occurrence of dry eye syndrome.

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Pay attention to the composition of the carcass

Clots and particles of mascara can get into the eyes or on the surface of the contact lens, causing foreign body sensation and discomfort (especially lengthening mascara that contains special ingredients of synthetic or natural origin: silk fibers, microcraton). If you really want to lengthen your lashes or make them bigger, choose a mascara with nylon fibers. Many experts believe that in any case, you cannot use waterproof mascara (because its use leads to rapid contamination of the lens surface protein deposits). In addition to without a trace to remove this ink, sometimes you need to try.

Wear daily lenses

Girls who and can not live a day without make-up a La Kylie Jenner, are perfect one-day lenses. No you red, dry, irritated eyes and conjunctivitis. Despite the fact that such lenses more expensive, believe me, they are worth it. Every morning, wearing fresh new lenses do not require daily cleaning, you can be sure that there are no traces of yesterday’s shadows and mascara.

Strictly observe the rules of cleaning and storing lenses

If you still prefer lenses long wearing, you should be sure that you care for them properly. This means that every evening you have to clean the lenses with a special solution and wipe them 15-20 seconds to dissolve impurities that have accumulated on them during the day. You should then clean your lens, cover it with a new clean solution and place lens storage for the night.

Discard the loose shadows, blush and powder

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Eyeshadow, glitter and powder should be fine and most dense structures that less crumbled in the eye (so as not to contaminate the lens and not to injure the cornea).

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