A continuation of Spanish summer• bronzer oScuro polvos de Sol Deliplus color

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Hello, beauties! I am one of those who bronzerat not quite know how to make friends, usually I like my light skin in winter, somehow nobler face looks. But when, after summer vacation tanned face, involuntarily want to extend that beautiful Golden tan, there is just no broselow not do. I had not so much, all the time something is not liked, could not find the right shade, in my opinion, not yet purchased bronzer Guerlain Terracotta 4 seasons in tint 00Nude. Guerlain, for me, was the perfect shade and saturation. When it ended, I was looking for a similar tool in the more budget segment. And found, where not even now intended, but everything in a row, went…

The volume of funds 22дСрок shelf life of 30 months.Volume: 22g

This summer I was vacationing in Spain, and there, once again he ran into supercat Mercadona, saw a corner of the Spanish budget brand Deliplus color. I had him literally on the run, direction, finger in the tester and liked the texture and shades. The beauty of the acquisition have already been assessed on arrival home.

Sercives securely. Open easily by pressing the button. Under the cover of a convenient large mirror.

As you can see the powder spresovannoe and consists of two shades (I have shade tono): one more suitable for contouring the face, the second is by far the bronzer, but I like the shades mix soft fluffy brush and use it as a bronzer. I use it for a month daily and the picture practically is not erased. I also like, unlike bronzer Guerlain Terracotta 4 seasons that the surface of the powder is not salted. In the line there are three colors, I have probably the lightest on the package found information, I do not remember what was taken.

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To show these Swatch, I’m pretty much and a lot of times I rubbed my fingers over the powder, because it is not much pigmentirovannyj that I really like.

Swatchthe Bronzer is matte, but not chalky.

Tekstura: soft and smooth, the grinding of very fine, compacted perfectly.

Fragrance: subtle, smells like almonds.

Saturation: weak, easily layered, not leave stains.

For me this bronzer was perfect as it is now, when skin is more tanned, so perfect for pale skin because he’s not bright, it is not obvious how only slightly gives light shade of tan, looks natural on the face, great to feather.

SPF 15

Durability: average, on my normal skin I see him 6 hours for sure.

Ingredients: talc, mica, zea mays starch, zinc stearate, ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, silica, titanum dioxide, octyldodecylsteatoylstearate, dimethicone, pentaerythityl tetraisostearate, potassium sorbate, vitex agnus castus extrat, chlorphenesin, aqua, alcohol,glicerin, tetrasodium EDTA, polyperfluoroethoxymethoxy difluorethyl, PEG phosphate, butylparaben, acelyl tyrosine, BHT, ±CI 77891, CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499.

What bronzer do you like lighter or pigmentirovanie? What’s your most favorite, can I also become a fan of this niche cosmetics?

Price: 7€

This tool can only be found in stores Mercadona .

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