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Summer, unfortunately, is already coming to an end, and I was drawn to the seasonal sales))) Today will tell you about the limited-edition collection called Psychotropical from home brand L’etoile.

Some means this manufacturer, I have developed a strong friendship since their student years and their prices and quality pleasantly pleased poor student))) and gift certificates for OTHERS from fellow students, it is even went to the expense. Every time I come back for my favorite lip gloss and concealer eyebrow, not even paying attention to their other funds. Boring, not changing from year to year, setting up stands with their makeup is not drawn into the abyss of passion.Perhaps somewhere there waiting for me a real treasure of beauty in the world, but to hit in their quest not desire.

But then my mind drew a bright line at their stand… Limitka *_*

Limited edition L’etoile, as far as I know, running before, but without the enviable regularity. It is because I so rarely pay attention to their makeup in the store, the spring and summer limited edition collection has passed me by. And what a blessing that she lived to discounts!!!

The collection includes quite interesting features in a very unusual shades:

*Loose powder Sensorial eupho in a single shade

*Eye shadows in three shades

*Capillary liquid eyeliner eyeshadow in two shades

*Two-phase oil-ting for the lips in three shades

*Nail Polish in three shades

*Color waterproof mascara for lashes and eyebrows in a single shade

+ accessories

Into my purse went not all members of limidi, but that was partly not my fault. The powder is released in a single shade, I loved it: it has a medium grind, a comfortable and beautiful packaging, no intense fragrance, nice price… but alas, the color (Shade too dark for snow white, although my skin still has a slight tan).

Think L’etoile definitely lost some customers because of universalnoi this tool. Much more logical, in my opinion, to be open and transparent mattifying powder, which is ideally suited to any skin tone and perfectly frosted would be on a hot summer day. But, who am I to to argue here) maybe in the next lietke, my dreams will come true.

Eyeliner a marker struck me as completely frivolous: shades flomastery too, and, judging by the Swatch odhodki acted on hand, it is also unstable.

Other tools in the shop gave me over, so I went home happy and with a full blue bag)

Let’s get acquainted with each of today’s heroes. I suggest you start with eye shadow.

The collection is presented in three shades:

201 Kaleido play / Game Kaleido

202 Exotic camo / Exotic camouflage

203 Mirroring of nature / Reflection of nature

The packaging is very beautiful and nobina: blue hard case from quality plastic with a bright design in exotic style + maximum possible size good mirror.

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Each refile 2.5 g of shadow, which is quite a lot for odnushki. No fragrance, I personally do not hear.

201 Kaleido play / Game Kaleido blue satin, slightly metallic shade.

daylightthe sunshade without the base applied with a brushtint applied without the base with a brush

Grinding is fine, the pigmentation is average, but for the sigment of the mass market very worthy. The tint fades and superimposed without problems. With it you can easily achieve a bright Indigo before your eyes. If you have green eyes, Kaleido play will make them as expressive and attractive.

Rating: 5

202 Exotic camo / camouflage Exotic — shimmery a khaki hue.

fluorescent lightsunsun

Beige base+ green shimmer different grinding. Rests slightly more problematic than the previous shade, slightly shattering. Blendable and layers well.

the tone of the applied without the base with a brushtint applied without the base with a brush

In my opinion, my green eyes a little lost in the background. However, it can act as my link between not quite fit me shades. Suitable for daily option if they draw the arrow, for example, or without layering to put on a mobile eyelid.

Rating: 5

203 Mirroring of nature / Reflection of nature — red metallic shade.

fluorescent lightsunsun

To be honest, I were not going to buy, because red variants in my collection more than enough. But not a second I don’t regret buying it, as it’s the most qualified of the trio.

the tone of the applied without the base with a brush (in the corner)tint applied without the base with a brush (closer to the window)tint applied without the base with a brush (closer to the window)

The shade is soft, bright and well pigmented and well Blendable and perfectly superimposed. Create makeup with him a real pleasure. It is a pity that this shade is not conducive to daily wear.

Rating: 5

Price: each shade 269p

Colored mascara eyelashes and eyebrows put me in a pleasant shock. I rarely buy the colored ink, and more precisely… never. My max is brown or plum shades. But for a very long time I was looking for such thing to play. I took it as a topper to add a little emphasis on the lashes on top of a classic black mascara.

But what I didn’t expect that from any given collection, this mascara will appeal to me most. it is, indeed, a very interesting and versatile product. The mascara has a standard packaging: plastic tube with brush.


Brush neat and comfortable, well stained each cilium, specifies the bend. If ever it will end or dries up then the brush I’ll keep. The product itself is blue-turquoise color with a shining finish. The sun is visible a beautiful nacreous from blue to green. Use mascara as an independent agent I do not really like. It is not so clearly visible in the cilia, though in the sun it looks interesting. On top of carcasses expected — a light colored overflow.

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the light of day. mascara on bare lashesthe light of day. mascara on bare lashesin the sun

But the most interesting thing is that I use it often as a cream shadow, because it’s super resistant. And under this wording, I mean the fact that to remove this mascara you can just oil washes, and it is not the first time. The mascara has a light texture, which can be a good shade, until she grabbed and layering solid colors.


Sit well on her shadow, and the shadow from the same collection. I don’t know why L’etoile decided to release this tool in the form of carcasses, because in the format of cream shadows-Tinta, I think it would have had greater demand. And I very much hope that in the future we will see the formula from L’etoile with the same formula, only in more varied hues.

mascara as Tinta on all movable century

Rating: 5

Cost: 257р

We turn now to lip makeup. Two-phase oil-ting lip gloss available in three shades: 201 Animism / Animism; 202 Echo of nature / Echoes of nature; 203 Artificial world Artificial world. My choice fell on 203 Artificial world Artificial world — cold red-cherry shade.

seen dvuhsvetny compositionvspotel before applying

This tint gave me a storm of positive emotions, but rather, a bit disappointing. Tint — this thing is very comfortable, especially in summer. As a rule, it needs to be light, bright and persistent. This model is light, bright, it takes one phone persistent ( 8 hours, after a fatty food slightly dim), but… weird. All Korean formula that I tried, went without any problems and had a jelly-like or close to it consistency. In the case of Tinta L’etoile, we see that the product has a two-phase structure: that oil, which is more like water, and the pigment. Before applying tool is recommended to shake, what I actually did.

To put it terribly frustrating: tint terribly thin, eats all the folds of the lips, but in the end the impression otslaivanii large sandpaper lips. So, regretting your lips and your mind, I did not show you cream on the lips, but did Swatch on the hand.

tint on bare skin

You can clearly see how this tint behaves on the skin. But I found a use for it, but rather adapted. Before applying I thoroughly moisturize oily lip balm, only then with a brush paint himself pink.

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tint on top of the fat balmtint dial on the brush and spread over the lipsdistributed

In this case, it does not fill wrinkles lips slowly solidifies. While it can evenly distribute across the surface of the lips. Ie, the conclusion is that if one of the components of Tinta (transparent oil) was more fatty or gel, such problems with drawing were not. But this is only speculation, and I have every little time to conjure)

tint applied to moist lip balm with a brushsoaked cloth

The shade is quite intense, so it’s a slightly muted, after applying I pamaciau lips with a napkin. It turns out “effect zatselovali lips,” very nice, in my opinion.

Rating: 3

Price: 239р

And the last hero of the post — nail Polish. The collection includes three shades: 134 mysterious / Mystical; 135 hypnotic / Hypnotic, 136 dichroic /Dichroic glass. Not long thinking, I took 135 hypnotic / Hypnotic, as it seemed to me the most interesting.


135 hypnotic / Hypnotic — is in some sense duochrome, which goes from light turquoise to blue. The varnish has a satin, slightly metallic effect, but the sun and artificial light, guessed the finest sparkling shimmer blue shade. Lacquer 11ml in volume, has a standard L’etoile bottle and a rounded brush. I such formats operate conveniently. The consistency of average density, too. In a single layer gives a nice tint, but still, the nail shines. I use hair spray in two layers. He’s not thin, it spreads easily over the nail plate. Beautiful photo, this time, difficult to achieve. Not so long ago experimented with hardware manicure, bought a new mill… and got carried away. After the regrowth of the nail you can see my efforts — tunes, which any paint to hide not. Therefore, it may give the impression that it is the fault of the varnish.

Daisydaylightshade 135 on a black base

In fact, the photo shows that after zapilov nail lies flat and does not emphasize the texture of the nail. If you have a relatively flat nail plate, without obvious defects, then feel free to take this copy. Durability: about 4 days, with the top 5-6 days (rubbing the tips). Thinking about taking the remaining polishes from the collection to complete the Gestalt)))) And I periodically dream

Rating: 5

Price: 119р

The options of eye makeup with the above means:

And so it looks the makeup in the process of creating the post)))))

Video on my channel

Photo of the powder and liner, taken from www.letu.ru

Hope the information was useful to you and you still have time to get acquainted with this collection.

My name is Natasha

Thanks for stopping by;)

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