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Today I will show you a fun cleanser, reminiscent of a fabric face mask!

If you are wondering what is the difference from a conventional liquid gel cleanser?

The packaging is a small cardboard box 5*5 cm with a plastic bag inside.

In the little box are only 10 records, each of which is intended for single use. By the way, the plates all lie together and a little clumped, so divide them very carefully.

Here is 1 leaf dry foam closer. The sheet is very thin and porous, something like rice paper. Foam somehow reminiscent of the smell of the conditioner for washing clothes. Attractive only form a fabric mask if this remedy were sold in balls, then in my opinion it wouldn’t hook.

Instructions for use are fairly simple:

  • get 1 sheet dry foam;
  • add a small amount of water;
  • apply the money received to the face, massage gently avoiding eye area, rinse with water.
  • So, I added a few drops of water. Immediately the foam began to melt and turn into a gel.

    Melted the foam, I mixed in the palm and got the gel.

    The effect of the application is quite good,the foam cleans the skin without drying it does not violate the lipid barrier (not clean up). My foam is designed for combination skin, but I also tried 1 leaf of the other two (dry and problematic), and the differences do not see.

    Compare the pros and cons of this tool.

    Compact tool that you can use on short trips;
    funny design;
    Packaging does not protect the vehicle, so the plates constantly stick together;
    unpleasant flavor of washing powder;
    very expensive price for 1 wash;
    small volume;
    there is no difference between the facial lines.

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    Price: 179 roubles for 10 sheets, or about 18 cents per washing. If we compare this cost with the usual Korean liquid foam for 200-500 rubles (apieu, It’s skin, Shinetree, Esfolio and many others) in a standard volume of 100-150 ml, we realize that the price of dry foam excessively high! A bottle of foam it lasts for 1.5-2.5 months of daily application 2 times a day, and here for 179 rubles I have a maximum of 5 days washing.

    Rating: 3.

    Re-purchase: definitely not.

    Would you buy such a tool?

    I-Natasha, you’re on to me!

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