A gentle Golden glow with highlighter (blush) Dior Midnight Wish Rouge Blush Holiday 2018

Good day, dear readers!

In this holiday season, when Christmas trees are lit with gold lights, my post will be dedicated to the limited edition highlighter Midnight Wish Rouge Blush Holiday in 2018 from the Christmas collection of Dior.

Midnight Wish Rouge Blush Holiday 2018

I invite you to get acquainted with this handsome Christmas closer.

The Golden hues of steel for me the main in the Christmas collection of Dior. In addition to the gold lacquer, which is more like the glare of champagne, my attention was attracted by the charming Golden highlighter.

The tool is Packed in a traditional for the brand, a dark blue cardboard box with all the necessary information. The case is also very concise and simple. The lid opens easily with the help of buttons. The case is placed in a dark blue velvet pouch where I keep it.

Box and case

In case there is a clear mirror and the brush that I use a lot, causing the highlighter out. The tool is protected by a transparent plastic membrane.

Protective plastic membrane.

Beveled brush

Highlighter decorated with beautiful embossing in the form of small stars scattered around the brand name.

Embossed on the surface of the highlighter

In box and Swatch tool looks quite bright, rich gold. The shade reminds me of rose gold. The texture tools are very soft and it is easily typed on a brush. When you dial the highlighter on the brush, you can see the individual glitter, but switch on the face can not see them.

Swatch on my finger. The November natural lighting.

Swatch on the hand. The November natural lighting.

The tool is multifunctional, it can be used as a highlighter and as a blush for a Shine that I do very often.

This highlighter, contrary to expectations, turned out to be very delicate. To capture it on my face in natural lighting turned out to be extremely challenging. It actually is not visible, the person just acquires some unobtrusive, very gentle radiance, as if coming from inside. Of course, hilitary difficult to “catch” in the photo, but a more modest representative I’ve ever met.

The November natural lighting in the room. The means are plotted as a highlighter and as a blush.

In my opinion, more than gently. I also tried to make some pictures on the street.

Natural light, outdoors. The means are plotted as a highlighter and as a blush.

The sun

And from a closer distance:

Close. In the sun.

Highlighter is most clearly revealed in artificial light and photos with flash.

Photo with flash indoors

Photo without flash under the streetlights.

A little bit closer.

Summarizing, we can say that the highlighter I liked it its tenderness, naturalness and delicacy. It fit perfectly in my everyday makeup and pleases me with its light Golden glow.

Period of use: 1.5 months.

Manufacture: Italy.

Cost: 2557 RUB ( 25% discount)

Rating: 5

Thanks for read my post, I hope you found it interesting.

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