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Brand The face shop is very popular in South Asia, especially in Vietnam, and in Russia have appeared recently. In Asia I had the opportunity to try a lot from the Face Shop and overall brand gave me the wow-effect, but have The Face Shop “pearls”. About one want to tell.

the full name of the heroine of the post — JEJU VOLCANIC LAVA CLAY FACE MASK


Series Jeju is designed for oily, combination and problem skin. All products in this series contain volcanic dust. In a series Jeju several masks: a film, a warming tube and our heroine — a mask-a napkin (in my opinion the best of the three).


  • Cleans pores
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Exfoliation
  • Evens out skin tone.
  • It is stated on the packaging, it happens in life.

    My normal, but prone to rash skin after removing the mask becomes incredibly smooth and clean. However, it does not dry, on the contrary, the feeling from the face with an eraser wiped the mud and peeling, and then rubbed moisturizing cream. The skin is smooth, clean and gentle. It is a pity that the effect only lasts a couple of days and is not cumulative.

    Form factor

    Effect good cleansing while maintaining the skin’s moisture is achieved due to the format mask.

    This 2 pulp forms on the upper and lower face. They are impregnated with a clay composition. The face should be well moistened with toner or thermal water, stick a mask and a 30 minute wait. Mask adheres well to the skin, does not slip, and at the expense of cellulose does not dry out in the dust and therefore does not dries the skin.

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    The mask looks so

    Easily removed. What is also a bonus. Usually clay masks have long and hard to wash off, scrub all around and double-check the ears and hair… and the Face Shop is removed once or twice: took off the leaves, rinsed the face from the small smears of clay with water and beauty ????????

    In General, you pass by the corner The Face Shop — take to try. Good, is inexpensive — about 350 rubles



    Term of use — familiar for about a year

    The price is 350 p/unit

    Rating is 5+

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