A great everyday lipstick Shiseido Veiled Rouge Carrera BE301

All kind time of day! I have come to you again with the lipstick, the incredible beauty of the line Shiseido Veiled Rouge in a stunningly gentle tone Carrera.

After more than a good acquaintance with the Shiseido glosses, I decided to try their lipstick. The choice fell on a line of Veiled Rouge, simply because I wanted something moisturizing and pleasant on the lips, but the reviews on these beauties was a lot. Today it’s first shade that captured my heart — this immaculate Carrera.

The design of the lipstick, as always at the Lux, pleases — I really like the black lipstick tube. The only thing I would fault is the system of closure of the cap. Because of the unusual shape of the tube it is necessary to properly rotate to lock, and unfortunately, a couple of times I have it still opened. Not too securely closed.
The stick looks incredibly beautiful, shimmers and sparks, Swatch:

To wear it is comfortable like nothing else — a mild, moisturizing, it barely felt. Light and weightless, but it is useful for the lips — not dry.
The stick of lipstick at first it seems like a lot, but then it comes up the second drawback is more serious — she’s leaving just obscenely fast! Before taking a picture, I painted it well, 3-4 times on the force, plus a couple swatches. But she’s already so well worn, 2-3 mm. Over the constant use very soon.
Shot in cloudy weather, because we are almost always rains. But still we see these krasivoye sparkles on the lips. Shimmer is not felt at all physically, he is very small.
On the lips:

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Flowing in folds small seen only at the macro — well, to my relief lip is almost always the case.
As for durability — it is certainly not high, which is not surprising. On my lips is 2 hours, then almost absorbed. Update it carefully, and, alas, this is not always possible — it can be rolled on the lips. Much easier to wipe it (it is easy, it is removed instantly) and apply again — I do so without alaivani. In the shade she did not suffer.

Use life: about 2 months
Price: I bought at a 50% discount and that is exactly what I advise her to look for (given the expense). No discount price 2315 rubles
Rating: for me it’s 5+, but objectively I can’t give it more than 4+ for a small disadvantages.

Total, for me it was the clear favorite, but not without flaws. However, wear often, and lipsticks I have a lot.

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