A little math: how much time do you need to use all of your shadows?

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Today I came across an interesting post which I wanted to bring here to discuss, and it concerns the speed of use of shadows. And you wondered how long it would take to use all the dry brush from your store? Of course, it’s already on my personal experience that the correct answer is “a lot”, but it is quite uncertain, and I would like to know a bit more accurate figure than just “a lot”. About this this post. Moreover, you will be able to “evaluate” their personal warehouses so that anyone interested — I invite under kat!

The original post is located here, so just say that the idea is not mine and not my calculations, I’m just sharing information and their razmyshleniya about it. But closer to the subject! Now, one savvy girl from Reddit posted the statistics about how quickly she used her dry shade, and another smart girl made on the basis of these statistics, excel-file, in which you can bring your samples and odnushki shadows, and to know how much time you’ll need to use all their stocks of shadows.

Download the file here. It’s a closed to edit a Google spreadsheet, so you will either need to make a duplicate and save it on Google drive or just export the file to your computer. Looks like an empty table like this:

I think it is obvious what and where to record, nevertheless, go through all the fields just in case: in columns A and b you fill in the brand and the name of the palette, in columns C and D — number of shades in the palette, as well as the weight of each pan in ounces. Sometimes for small palettes, the manufacturer indicates the total weight of shadows; in this case, it is possible to neglect the columns C and D and just enter the total weight of the product in column E. If the packaging of the shadows the weight on one pan, then column E will automatically calculate you the total product weight = Qty * weight/PCs.

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Sprawling with a list of palettes in the box G2 (the instructions for table error, since there is provided a field F2) indicate how many days a week do you paint the eyes, and the G4 — how many colors of eyeshadow do you use at a time. Default are “makeup 5 days a week and 4 shades at a time”, which for me is close enough to the truth, so I didn’t change anything. Oh, and most importantly: based on the information you entered the yellow box H8 will estimate how many years it takes to finish all your supplies dry shadows!

Example: here we have the default entered Modern Renaissance ABH, Urban Decay Naked, Too Faced Sweet Peach, and Lorac Pro. According to the table will need 2.37 years (~ 2 years and 5 months) to completely finish them!

That’s why you don’t need to buy another one in reserve, and so it is the order you get bored during that time! In my opinion, 2.37 years is a pretty optimistic prediction for the given set of palettes, but this I will speak later. Also it is possible to drive odnushki of shades: several shades of one species can be combined into a “virtual mosaic” and in fields C and D enter the number of shadows and the weight of some shadows respectively; if the shadow of such a form alone, or enter in a unit, or omit columns C and D and enter the total weight of the product in column E.

If you don’t want to have a heart attack and are afraid to bring to the table all your shadows, at least this table can be used to estimate how much time you will serve the product and whether it is worth buying right now.

What if the weight of shadows is specified in grams? Here we have two options: either translate the grams to ounces, or change the formula to use grams, not ounces. The latter is easier to do if the vast majority of shadows, the weight is specified in grams. The first is easier to do if the shadows most of the weight in ounces. Typically, the weight point and so and so, but sometimes European manufacturers only write grams. If you want to convert grams to ounces, all easily; for example, if the palette 9g shadows, just Google “9 g to oz” and Google will do all the math for you! So I get 9g = 0.32 oz.

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About the formula: it is made from the calculation that for the time you use 0.000705 ounces of shadow. So if you want to change the formula to grams, then change 0.000705 (oz) at 0.019986 (grams) in the formula in cell H8. But honestly, I doubt that it will be useful to someone, just write on the safe side.

Now the drawbacks:

  • the most obvious is that this formula is an approximation (Yes, I cap, I know it! ). We all have eyes of different sizes, we apply the shadow in different ways, and some of the shadows more tightly compacted (for example, Too Faced Sweet Peach), and consequently, their longer need to wipe up DNA as a minimum, because they are less dust (well, and because more of them by weight).
  • according to the formula if you use 2 shades at a time in one’s makeup, then you will finish your stocks two times faster in comparison with someone who causes only one shade all over the eyelid. It’s a little controversial statement. If we assume that in the make-up one shade of shadow is not superimposed on the other, the number of shades is unlikely to affect the resulting velocity as the area ages remains unchanged, no matter how many colors we used. If you follow this view, then cell G4 should always use a ratio equal to one. If the shadows are layered, then Yes, there’s a little sense, but still we assume that the amount of each shade used in the makeup equally. I think the truth is somewhere in the middle, as I do not believe that the Modern Renaissance can finish in 4.5 months (and that is what speaks to me the table), if you use 4 shades at a time. In reality, most we use the main color on the eyelid, and the colors of the inner and outer corners of the eyes are used 2-3 times less. Yes, and the feathering of the crease we’re not too many get… well, a little thought, I came to the conclusion that I would have kept this ratio above 2, and then 1.5 to the estimate of time is not too optimistic. From what I’ve read, it takes about a year to finish off the Modern Renaissance, and which corresponds to the utilization of shadows is equal to 1.5. But if you fear for your nerves — so I put 2.
  • don’t know how credible are the calculations for cream shadows. But why them not to put on the table, as they say, just for fun?
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And now some statistics about me I am one of those girls who is a sucker for palettes of shadows, but I can myself and not buying anything extra (well, close to “nothing at all”). I brought all my dry shade (mostly the palettes and quite a bit odnushek) in table c of the terms of use 5 times a week and 2 shades at a time, and according to my calculations of stocks of shadows should get me through for 15 years!!! Oops where to take a seat and someone would bring me water?.. And while I come to, share how many years you have left?

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