A lover of tanning for 20 years has undergone 86 surgeries for skin cancer

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The woman decided to tell her story, as she for a long time were not even aware of the fact that every visit to the Solarium causes the development of cancer.

American Lisa pace told the publication the Daily Mail that 20-year struggle with melanoma. The reason for that was her love for tanning. Tan Lisa became interested in the school and soon the trips to the Solarium became her daily.

Lisa says that everyone admired her beautiful skin and this spurred a girl is always to sunbathe. But at some point, when Lisa was 23 years old her leg had a strange mole. It was a melanoma. Moles found in time and successfully removed, not allowing cancer to spread.

A few months later, Lisa again began to sunbathe. She recalls that then I had no idea that the Solarium is very dangerous for her and the doctors were not warned about this, some other information she also not had. Soon Lisa has re-emerged melanoma. Only then she found a doctor who said that every trip to the Solarium for her threat. Since then, Lisa has had to periodically remove tumors. At the moment, she was already 86 operations.

Now Lisa is already very long ago did not visit the Solarium. Moreover, it is always protect their skin in the street wearing light clothing that minimizes the body and always causes sunscreen. She is sure that will win the fight against cancer.

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