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I have long wanted to share my favorite homemade recipe for a sugar-coffee scrub for the body, but all could not manage to remove the process. And here on vacation still managed to arrange everything in a post. So, today I will tell you how five minutes from everyday ingredients that are in every home, to make a fragrant body scrub that can compete with very expensive and famous counterparts.

To prepare 150 grams of scrub I needed:

  • 100 g of cane sugar
  • 3 teaspoons ground coffee
  • 3 teaspoons of hydrophilic oil for the soul Yves Rocher Bourbon Vanilla
  • 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • vanilla flavoring for baking
  • orange essential oil.

The beauty of this recipe is that it is possible to experiment as your heart desires. For example, cane sugar you can substitute regular or sea salt medium grind. If there is no oil for the shower, you can use regular olive oil or any base products (e.g., grape seed, sweet almond, coconut, avocado, etc.). I do not advise to use, except that sunflower oil because it is very light and pleasant, and quickly go rancid. If accidentally, your home will be the novice set of crimeware type emulsifier Polysorbate, may be added to the base oil, thus making the hydrophilic (proportion of according to the instructions for use of the emulsifier). Personally, I like to use a hydrophilic oil (oil Yves Rocher are great, my favorite tradition of the Hammam, vanilla and coconut) in this scrub, as when in contact with water it starts to foam, thereby easily and quickly washed off, leaving no film on the skin. In the case of using ordinary oil the rinsing process may be slightly longer, and the bathroom/shower then to wash is not particularly pleasant.

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With regard to extra components, there is complete freedom and flight of fancy, the main thing is to follow the proportions. To enhance flavor you can add spices, such as cinnamon or mix for gingerbread. If you do not have sensitivity to essential oils, you can use EM orange, Mandarin, grapefruit, cinnamon, cloves (a total of no more than 20 drops per 100 g of sugar). All of these components will not only create a unique aromatic composition, but adds to scrub anti-cellulite properties, for it will cause more blood flow to the treated areas of the body.

Also it is possible to add the dead sea mud (dry), food flavors, orange peel (dry), ground bone almond/apricot, pumice, etc.

Preparation is simple as ABC. Mix all the dry ingredients and flavorings.

Then gradually add oil, stirring a lot. Consistency can be adjusted at your own discretion, making it more dry, or, on the contrary, almost liquid. I prefer something in between so that the hands are not scattered and not spread.

If you are not sure which density you prefer, you can try a scrub in. In the photo below you can see the scrub, applied to the skin and moistened with a little water (it can be seen that the oil start to emulsify, creating a creamy whitish texture).

When the result suits you, put received the scrub in a clean, dry container, preferably sterilized, with a tight fitting lid. Of recommend banks to gain a spatula/spoon or dry hands to not reduce the shelf life. By the way, it is determined by the shelf life of the oils.

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Scrub can be prepared each time before use, or to prepare for the future, it depends on your desires and available time.

This scrub can be used both on dry (harsher effect) and wet (more delicate) skin, rubbing in a circular motion. I particularly the hips and buttocks, because the scrub helps to smooth the topography and partly to fight the signs of cellulite.

After using the skin incredibly smooth, supple, nourished, and the air smells of coffee and spices. Trust me, use it once will never want to spend a crazy amount on a ready-made coffee scrubs.

Of course, it is worth noting the possible downsides. If you overdo it with coffee, brown spots are all over the bathroom, therefore do not forget that he’s here more for color/flavor than scrubs (this has sugar). About the fat from the oils mentioned above, as well as about the possibility of allergic reactions to essential oils and spices.

During an active fascination with soap making and manufacture handmade cosmetics this scrub I have enjoyed incredible popularity, his ordered time, and often not one Bank. It is really easy and quick to prepare, requires no special ingredients, tools or skills: just had it all measured out and mixed. But the pleasure from using it, hard to describe.

I hope you’ll appreciate my experience and a little will save the family budget. Let me know if you have a favorite recipe for a homemade body scrub, I find it very interesting this kind of little secrets.

And I would be glad if you could make a scrub in my mini-lesson and share your results and impressions.

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