A new app measures the “glow” of the skin

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Cambridge Consultants has launched a new concept in skin analysis, which was implemented according to the developers, in the world’s first mobile application, providing a measurement of the shining of the skin.

This concept, called Reflexion, uses the function bidirectional surface scattering reflection (BSDF), allowing the measurement of the reflected light on the skin to help to determine the presence of characteristics such as wrinkles, blemishes, which ultimately gives the opportunity to provide personalized recommendations for choice of cosmetic products.

This technology reflects the trend towards targeted and personalized beauty products that are better suited to the specific needs of individuals, types of skin and color of the skin.

In the Reflexion, the application should be particularly useful for consumers who want to make the right choice of makeup, helping them to make better-informed decisions about the specific tone the foundations that the best way to approach the complexion.

Relfexion is an application that uses artificial intelligence technology that is designed to meet specific needs, it assesses how “brightens” skin, and then offers tools for skin care and decorative cosmetic products best suited for a particular program type of skin. The developers claim that the technology does not require additional equipment, and also provides a deeper understanding than the basic applications for analysis.

A new application using the BSDF analyzes the user’s face, determining how light reflects or scatters differently on shiny or Matt surfaces. The application captures the user under different lighting angles, using the screen of the mobile device, and then analyzes the image data using artificial intelligence to obtain a map of surface roughness and reflectivity of the skin.

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“Reflexion is a breakthrough in technology of beauty offering a wealth of information about our dermatological cosmetics, – said Robin, Ferrari, commercial Manager of consumer products at Cambridge Consultants. Is the app using the standard camera function on our phones or tablets, make use of existing hardware and uses artificial intelligence to help visualize the secrets of our skin”.

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