A new collection for eyes, Chanel Eye Collection Spring 2020


At the Chanel spring 2020 will be a new collection for eyes, which will include an updated mascara Le Volume de Chanel Boots, printed on a 3D printer, a new color liquid eyeliner Le Liner de Chanel in 7 shades and palette for eyebrows Sourcils La Palette in 3 shades.

A collection of Chanel Eye Collection Spring 2020 will include:

Mascara Chanel Le Volume de Chanel Boots (estimated price is €35). For the first time this mascara, the brush is printed on a 3D printer, came out 2 years ago and won many fans. Now its brushes changed, thanks to what must do lashes are visibly longer and more voluminous without the clumps. It is made by sequential printing of several layers of polyamide powder obtained from the seeds of the castor-oil plant, and then is polymerized using a laser beam. It is formulated with a new mascara — the perfect balance of natural waxes that guarantee perfect gliding, sweeping bend and length. Candelilla wax smooth coat the lashes, Carnauba wax gives them magnificence Shine, esters jojoba guarantee the flexibility and elasticity of the texture, and bees wax provides perfect adhesion for the day. As a latex veil, polymers distribute the eyelashes in the form of a fan. And finally, pulp, covered with ultra-black pigments, wraps lashes and increases their density;

Liquid eyeliner Chanel Le Liner de Chanel (new, estimated price — €37) with a thin brush-marker. Quickly fixed and firmly held, or smearing and not showering for the entire day, it has a waterproof formula. Released in 7 shades, 4 of which will be limited:

  • 512 Deep Black — dark-black;
  • 514 Brown Ultra — deep brown;
  • 516 Rouge Noir — a rich plum;
  • 518 Métal Mauve — lilac metallic;
  • 522 Gilt Bronze — bronze;
  • 524 Silver Gray — silver gray metallic;
  • 526 Cobalt Blue — sea blue;
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Palette eyebrow Sourcils Chanel La Palette (indicative price — €52), which includes eyebrow powder, matte wax, brushes and tweezers. Come in 3 shades:

  • 01 Light — light;
  • 02 Medium — Medium;
  • 03 Dark dark.

A new collection for eyes , Chanel Eye Collection Spring 2020 will go on sale internationally in March 2020.

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