A new collection for lips Lip Sensai Collection Spring 2019 (already sold out): full information


At Sensai released a new collection for lips, which included the lipstick , The Lipstickinspired by silk, in 14 shades, lip pencil Lip Pencil with a soft texture in 6 shades, lip gloss Total Lip Gloss and restorative lip cream Cellular Performance. The entire collection will be included in the permanent range of the brand.

Availability: iledebeaute.ru and sephora.ru

A collection of Sensai Lip Collection Spring 2019 were:

Lipstick Sensai The Lipstickthat imparts luxurious color and silky Shine. Lipstick inspired by the silk Comethat vyriausybe in every nuance of light, color and texture. Luxury combination of powder Silky Lustrous anti-aging formula Anti-Ageing Look, fills lips with rich color and a silky glow to create full and sensual lips. Created with complex care Lip Care Complex and a proprietary ingredient, the silk Koishimaru, moisturizing lipstick smoothes and visibly reduces wrinkles and improves the overall condition of lips with each new application. Came in 14 shades:

  • 01 Sakura Red;
  • 02 Sazanka Red;
  • 03 Shakuyaku Red;
  • 04 Hinageshi Orange;
  • 05 Himawari Orange;
  • 06 Orange Kinmokusei;
  • 07 Shakunage Pink;
  • 08 Satsuki Pink;
  • 09 Nadeshiko Pink;
  • 11 Sumire Mauve;
  • 12 Ajisai Mauve;
  • 13 Shirayuri Nude;
  • 14 Suzuran Nude;
  • 15 Kuchinashi Nude;

Lip pencil beauty Lip Pencil with a very soft and smooth texture, easy to apply and makes lips perfectly defined outline, making the lipstick color more intense. The pencil can be used as a contour, or applied to the lips to increase the durability of lipstick. Resistant to spreading. The kit includes a sharpener. Came in 6 shades:

  • 01 Actress Red;
  • 02 Cheerful Orange;
  • 03 Innocent Pink;
  • 04 Feminine Mauve;
  • 05 Classy Rose;
  • Stunning Nude 06;
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Lip gloss Sensai Total Lip Gloss in soft pink shade that gives the effect of more voluminous lips. The formula is based on Total Lip Treatment in combination with silk Koishimaru and Lip Care Complexprovides long lasting hydration, smoothes the surface of lips, gently nourishes, infusing freshness and gentle silky Shine. Glitter can be used alone for natural look or apply over lipstick for a more subtle glow;

Hand cream lip Sensai Cellular Performance — focused care with advanced anti-aging ingredients specially formulated for the skin of the lips and area around the lips (“zone”). This area is most prone to dryness and wrinkles, with age, the lips lose color brightness, firmness, volume and contour sharpness. Special cream formula with carefully selected components stimulates the synthesis of collagen, which naturally enhances blood circulation, visibly smoothes wrinkles. Lips look bright, smooth, soft, and filled with, the contour of the lips more defined and toned. The cream stimulates the synthesis of collagen, restores elasticity, smoothness of skin, improves microcirculation and restores the brightness of the lips, moisturizes and softens, prevents dryness and flaking, makes the skin smooth and silky. Does not contain fragrance.

A new collection for lips Lip Sensai Collection Spring 2019 is now available in iledebeaute.ru and sephora.ru

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