A new face serum Clarins Bright Plus Serum Spring 2020


At Clarins have released a new serum that gives skin radiance and reducing pigmentation Bright Plus Serum. At its creation scientists brand conducted an extensive study and found that the radiance depends directly on the oxygen — the purer the air you breathe, the more beautiful and radiant looks skin. The residents of the cities of the epidermal cells contain 4 times less oxygen and almost 12% more melanin than women from ecologically unfavorable areas. The result is uneven skin tone, early pigmentation and dullness. These problems are intended to fight new serum.

Availability: now available in iledebeaute.ru, sephora.ru, letu.ru

Scientists Clarins managed to find a plant ingredient that promotes saturation of the skin — the extract of rodomonte. It improves the ability of cells to capture oxygen 14%, directionally acting on the mitochondria of cells.

Effect of the extract of rodomonte complements and enhances the seed extract acerola cherry. It contains a high concentration of vitamin C and is a great natural bleaching agent. Also, this extract increases the ability of cells to consume oxygen at 15%.

Also a new formula of the serum contains extracts of pancratium maritimum (or sea lilies), which hydrates, refreshes and evens skin tone, and lady’s mantle that inhibits melanin production and brightens skin tone. Elderberry extract prevents the appearance of pigment spots in place of acne or other minor skin imperfections, while hyaluronic acid is responsible for hydration.

In the end, the skin becomes more hydrated, reduces pigmentation, evens skin tone and lightened.

A new face serum Clarins Bright Plus Serum Spring 2020 is now available in iledebeaute.ru, sephora.ru, letu.ru

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