A Paloma Picasso Eau de Toilette, Lady Million and Cacharel Anais Anais

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Good day! Today I want to tell you about part of their collection of perfumes.

All of the nostalgic performanaces ask a cat????

Today in the spotlight of the three perfumes, two of which are truly vintage. But I’ll try not to bore you glinobeton) All three flavors are very different, and how they could get in the beautician one baffled me. From they have in common is that the excellent quality and the weekly resistance????

Let’s start with my favorite — the Paloma Picasso Eau de Toilette. Whether you like chypre as I love him?)

“Paloma, which is usually dressed in red, black and gold, have repeatedly stated the Fashion world: “You get what You see. I wanted my aroma was. My perfume, which is estimated at more than $ 150 per drop, are “smell for strong women” as myself”.

This story tells the manufacturer about Paloma Picasso Eau de Toilette. It was released in 1984. My copy bought in 2012. Perhaps it really is “perfume business women.”

Belongs to the group floral shipovye.

“The beginning of piercing brightness aldehydic and citrus notes, sprinkled with coriander, and draws the eyes of an elegant bouquet of rose, Lily of the valley, Jasmine, Mimosa and hyacinth. Each flower complements the other sound, softly blooming and allowing them to feel the depth and ease. The intrigue continues in the loop of this perfume creation, which is based on the aroma of oak moss and musk with spicy animalistic accents and enveloping woody notes chords”.

Top notes: bergamot, lemon, coriander, neroli and aldehydes.

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Middle notes: may rose, Jasmine, hyacinth, Mimosa and Lily of the valley.

Base notes: sandalwood, vetiver, oakmoss, civet, amber and musk.

The aroma is sharp, unusual, spicy-honey. Apply better dosed, otherwise “strangle”. For me this is a chypre — I distinctly feel the moss????But floral piece is captured, it is very harmonious.

Summing up: the fragrance was “for everybody” as it is, but I was such a fan and can’t imagine my life without it)

Volume: 30ML, 50ML, 80ML

Price: from 2600

Usage life: several years

Rating: 5

The following flavor — ambiguous Lady Million EDP by Paco Rabanne. Despite wildly popular at the time, I can’t say this is my favorite perfume: my relationship with her never happened.

The scent belongs to the floral woody. Was released 2010.

“Woody evening aroma reveals notes, enveloped in the freshness of lemon, sweet raspberry flavor and tenderness of the beautiful neroli. Heart notes represented by a delicate bouquet of orange blossom, Jasmine and Gardenia. A light plume can enjoy the base notes consisting of amber, patchouli and wild honey.”

Top notes: neroli, amalfitano lemon and raspberry.

Middle notes: Jasmine, African orange blossom and Gardenia.

Base notes: patchouli, white honey and amber.

“The song perfectly demonstrates the amazing taste and the subtlety of the nature of its owner. A luxurious fragrance from PACO RABANNE blends harmoniously with elegant evening dresses and expensive accessories”.

As you can see, the manufacturer positions it as evening and festive. Maybe for someone it’s really too brave “every day”. It didn’t stop me, if not one “but”: to me it is still subjective too sweet. So, alas, the hand stretches to it often.

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The fragrance is not very heavy, harmonious and expensive. Incredibly persistent, but not stifled, if not to overdo it — he will be with you day and night, and the next day???? Powerful, bright, honey. For those who like persistent strong aromas.

And look at this amazing play of light on the bottle (though the camera reports it is not too good):

If you like sweet fragrances and you haven’t met him yet, definitely recommend.

Volume: 30ML, 50ML, 80ML

Price: 4500

Usage life: several years

Rating: 5-

And finally, pink-white Anais Anais Eau de Toilette by Cacharel. In my collection it is perhaps the most ancient: it began already in 1978. It is definitely something vaguely similar to that described Paloma Picasso. My copy was purchased in 2014.

Aroma belongs to the group floral.

“Top notes that open green accents of honeysuckle and fresh hyacinth, radiating purity and tenderness. Heart notes presented a bouquet of white flowers, including the blooming buds of spring Lily of the valley, water Lily, bitter Jasmine and ylang-ylang diluted in the astringency of the petals of a tea rose. Base notes formed a harmonious interweaving of the absolute berries of black currant, vetiver and oak moss, surrounded by a fragrant haze of Oriental sandalwood honey and musk”.

Top notes: orange blossom, lavender, galbanum, honeysuckle, hyacinth, lemon, bergamot, black currant and white Lily.

Middle notes: Moroccan Jasmine, honeysuckle, carnation, tuberose, iris, Lily, iris root, ylang-ylang, Lily of the valley and rose.

Base notes: leather, sandalwood, amber, patchouli, musk, oakmoss, vetiver, incense and white cedar.

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I can not mention design: heavy white opaque bottle (which does not see the remaining quantity of perfume) and overly generous dispenser.

“It’s a fantastic mood flowering gardens, spectacular views and warm tropical winds. Aroma is addressed to the innocent and romantic girls, the main decoration of which is their youth and a faint blush on his cheeks. They smile, go through life lifting up others with her positive and happy mood in any situation.”

Here is a description of the manufacturer I can not agree — anais does not want to associate me with youth, positivity and playfulness. It is beautiful, simply, fabulous, but not tropical and not exactly positive — the Lily adds a bit of sadness. Chypre in it you can see, but still for me it’s Lily, is a Lily????

Overall, probably the fans of the smell will be delighted, and the rest I can advise to be careful not to overdo it: one member of my family to him was a severe Allergy.

Volume: 30ML, 50ML

Price: from 2500

Usage life: several years

Rating: 4+

Thank you for reading to the end! And you have in the collection has a vintage perfume?

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