A provocation? New mascara Nars Climax black

The novelty, which had to run even in Paris.

The girls, all the salute!

Today I would like to tell their impressions about a new product with the provocative title. As you have already understood, we will focus on the Climax of the carcass. I heard that in Russia, the name will be changed, but personally I don’t cause any specific associations (except that the desire to re-listen to the song Usher).

Manufacturer’s description (my translation:)):
Full and maximum volume (96% achieved) — the total and maximum volume (achieved 96%)
Clump-free buildable volume (96% saw) is Increasing without lumps (seen/observed on 96%)
Instant curl base-to-tip (100% saw) is the Instantaneous twisting from the base to the tips (seen/noticed at 100%)


Plastic, excellent quality. The mascara is very nice and comfortable to hold in hand.
Rubberized, which live similar to bristly, but still quite large. Turning the mascara in the store, I couldn’t resist and changed his darling from Helena Rubinstein (Helen, sorry).

And now look at the mascara in.

Struck in a single layer.

Eyelashes look thicker and longer (namnooooogo). The “source” of me so long, but with pale tips, which is almost not visible. Long long, but that I could almost touch their eyebrows!!!?
The claimed absence of lumps… hmmmmm… probably Yes.
To paint over all the lashes, a special effort “to make” is not necessary, despite the size of the brush.
On account of twisting will not say, so always use tongs.
The day is not showered (but I do not paint the bottom row).
All washed off with miceliari easily.

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And now… drum roll… two layers…
I think “klaymaks”, and the climax. How do you think?

My bottom line: Mascara Nars Climax — steep mascara. Even in two layers naturalnego (no legs spiders). To take and again take)))
Rating: 5.

Price: 25 euros
Period of use: week

PS I’m Natasha, I’m 25. As this is my first post, then please, please understand me and forgive, if what not so.
I offer my sincere apologies for my dark circles under the eyes (I’m a Panda in a past life).

À bientôt!

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