A small review of a small collection of lipsticks from Charlotte Tilbury

Good day to all!This post I decided to dedicate gathered in my purse collection lipsticks from my beloved Charlotte Tilbury. I’m a real adept of the brand, I have gathered a lot of beauty of young Charlotte, and I love all their tender love.

Charlotte argues that there is “lipstick tree extract”, which is present in its vehicles for the lips, and it is designed to nourish and moisturize the lips, protect them from UV rays and other external influences, as well as for all ills, troubles and sorrows. Fondant in the Arsenal of Charlotte has:
— Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution – the matte line of lipsticks
— Charlotte Tilbury K. I. S. S. I. N. G lipstick with a creamier texture
— Hot Lips Charlotte Tilbury – created in collaboration with well-known personalities Salma Hayek, Cindy Crawford, Kate moss and so on, the most creamy and delicate, but also most popular because of the imprint of lips in lipstick.

All the lipsticks look the same – a housing of a dense plastic material color pink gold engraved with the logo of the brand CT. Closes tightly, until you hear a click. The weight of each lipstick 3.5 grams.

I have to say about all of the following units — the lipstick does not flow over the circuit, kept in General good, without consequences they will not survive, neither lunch nor dinner, but to eat and drink coffee with them. Superimposed without problems. Fix your lipstick during the day, I rarely do, especially when using the substrate. All of the lipsticks (with the exception of funds line of K. I. S. S. I. N. G) smooth square cut that allows you to paint over the lips without the use of brushes, flavor – sweet, vanilla. I must say that in order to review all the lipstick applied WITHOUT contour pencil.

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*from left to right: Kidman”s Kiss, Kim K. W., Miranda May, The Queen*

So the first exhibit, Kim K. W., one of the most acclaimed shades dedicated to (you can guess) Kim Kardashian, a line of Hot Lips.

Delicate pink beige, true Nude. The texture is very creamy, it literally glides on the lips. This color depending on skin color can also emphasize lips. In winter, when the sun comes down, for the intensity of the color pencil I use a substrate, or Vice versa apply just a thin layer.
The only negative – when more dense application of the solo flow into the crevices. But for me it’s not a disaster, because I rarely sunbathe (not because I’m scared of all the radiation, but because I just rarely go on vacation)

The second is lipstick Hot Lips in shade Kidman”s Kiss, created for Nicole Kidman.

Very floral pink petal, warm color. Suitable for almost everyone. I love it, despite the fact that pink lipstick do I wear rarely.
Although the range of Kim K. W. one, the texture of it is different. She’s not as creamy and not as easy when applying non-slip, but the lips are not drawn.

Penultimate – Miranda May, Hot Lips.

My first lipstick from Charlotte. At first, I saw that the lipstick she was inspired by Miranda Kerr, which I really love. But then I saw the Swatch, and the color won me over. A bright coral hue, with a summer of all that I have to leave without her, I don’t. Well looks like sunburnt and tired from the Ural frosts the skin.
I use it and in the feast and in the world, it and for Dating is perfect for this bright and catchy.

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And finally – the only one in my collection lipstick Matte Revolution – Her Majesty The Queen.
Her Charlotte is dedicated not Freddie and it was released in tribute to Queen Elizabeth II.

Who knew in November of 2018, Her Majesty the Queen handed the Charlotte Tilbury the Order of the British Empire for her contribution to the British beauty industry.

This Regal bright red color, included in the number of new products. This shade paired with LegendaryQueen Charlotte announced one of the last.
I expected a real classic of scarlet on the similarity of Russian Red (which really dries my lips), but when the Queen came to me, I discovered that this is by no means a classic red lipstick. Yes, it’s red, but in certain lights The Queen looks pink, the color is a bright fuchsia.
The color fits me, so I’m not upset. The texture, despite a request for a matte finish, quite creamy. I haven’t seen this shade a big difference in technical characteristics with the previous members post.

Here at the moment, all representatives of the beautiful half of my lipstick collection. I do not want to compare them with other brands. They are beautiful in all forms.

Lipstick Charlotte I love, I will take more in other colors.
Do not hesitate to put 5.
The price of each 24£ (32 €), price with discount of 20£. Recall that the pound usually hovering around 85 rubles.

Let Charlotte continue working For God and the Empire.
Thank you for your attention and I look forward to any questions, if any appear. I’m Lisa, come on “you”))

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