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The name came out kind of crooked, but otherwise describe the essence of fasting I was unable) to understand, to forgive. We will talk about the actual method of application of highlighter.

General theme of contouring and the highlighter is extremely ambiguous and always subject to trends. So what about the “classics” are not accounted for. There was a time when used blush, then added the sculptor, bronzer, highlighter. Initially, the form of applying differentiated according to face shape, then the scheme became less common in everyday life (so is it good or bad). Initially, the benchmark was considered oval and it were fitted, but the last few years in fashion pronounced cheekbones. In General, the consensus here can’t come. How many people, so many opinions, and most importantly, to personally you like the result.

Recently the fashion high square cheekbones. And it is about them will be discussed. We see them often now but not always fully understand HOW this is done. Scheme of application is different from what was standard the last few years (I Think most are familiar with it, but if interested, I’ll tell you about it)

Thus, the scheme is based on the following points:

1.High cheekbones, clear, square, expressed

2.The chin protrudes

3.The nose is slightly raised

4.His lips are full, volumetric, top raised

Like this. Satisfies these conditions, this correction is a highlighter.

I intentionally missing the theme of the sculptor. He can Supplement this correction, or may not appear at all. Instead, it can be used a blush or bronzer.

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So, the scheme:

Forgive my artistic experiments in paint:) Red marked place of the application of highlighter. We mechem zygomatic bone, leading slightly downwards, as if to draw a square. The principle is the same as always, the vertical line, the higher cheekbones, the face is than horizontalne Vice versa. We do high cheekbones, within reason. Correction of nose is done with a dashed line. Video from the nose and a little below the middle of the nose, the break and the tip separately. So visually the nose becomes a little pinched. Below the square was finished and beautiful, we put more glare on the upper outer edges of your lip (do Not connect these lines with the line of the cheekbones! It will be ugly) If the distance between the lips and the nose allows you can emphasize the upper contour. If not, you may be limited to the outer edges of the lips. Next we make a smooth transition to the chin on both sides and carefully join in the middle to push the chin forward. Emphasize the dispersion of the eyebrows.

Looking from a different angle:

Even if you think that the square drawn completely this visual illusion! Not worth the hassle.

Definitely shaded all the lines! No definition shouldn’t be. Be careful with nosogubnye folds, if you get into them, then add yourself age. The same caution be long if you have them, like me for example. If you’ll stress it again, you will add years. It is not necessary to bring the flare too close to the nose, especially if you have cheeks (this will increase in their amount). Just mentally draw the square and fill it in.

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Here is how it looks in life:

No extra lights no, but the cheekbones seem more pronounced and square.

Watch the video. In the video I put it more exaggerated to see better in the daylight without lights. Remember that highlighter looks brighter artificial lighting.

Such cases. Do You like this? Generally interesting topics or not?

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