A true autumn lipstick – a Very Metallic Velvet in shade 03 Missing you

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Good day!

I want to tell you about one of their lipsticks which I started quite by accident, but became a favorite – a Very Metallic Velvet in shade 03 Missing you.

Liquid lipstick-a Very Metallic Velvet.

Packing for liquid lipsticks is quite usual, therefore, to dwell on it separately will not.

Applicator – shaggy sponge — fairly comfortable, moderately elastic. Interestingly, the packaging does not specify the amount — I never found out.

Just in the range of 10 shades, and a couple I wouldn’t mind.


Bright daylightDirect sunlight

Tone 03 Missing you — a very beautiful deep red-brown with fine multi-colored shimmer, which gives an interesting metallic sheen. In different lighting can give the color of ripe cherries or even plums. For me very beautiful and very autumnal.

  • The texture is quite dense, although falls lipstick subtle. The classic “saltivska”, but not clay putty;
  • The application seamlessly, with no bald spots;
  • Just one dip of the applicator to paint lips. Well, at least my, special sizes is different;

  • Seizes (freezes) pretty quickly, but there are some time to correct the flaws (if any at all, because this lipstick really obedient);
  • Aroma: pleasant sweet fragrance;
  • The finish is matte but with a metallic glow;
  • Lipstick does not accentuate peeling, can be worn even with perfect lips. While the topography of the lips, of course, stress;
  • Does not dry, does not cause discomfort, but the surface is a bit sticky. Hair to his lips do not stick;
  • Vitality is great, if you don’t eat anything fatty and succulent, it can withstand all day. With the full lunch, of course, affected the integrity of the coating in the mucous, but I have even after a Burger and a coffee, all looked pretty well. Glasses and other things are almost not printed;
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This liquid lipstick can be used also in eye makeup. For example, I did it by using the arrow and used it as a base for Smokey. As such, it is also quite persistent.

A very Metallic Velvet in shade 03 Missing you in the eyes and lips – a Very Metallic Velvet in shade 03 Missing you in the eyes as substrate

Don’t know what else to add, except that I really like it and I, again, would like another couple of shades.

Price: approximately 200 rubles (189 rubles) online. Don’t know whether the brand in my town, but I feel like to order a couple of shades certainly is.

Rating: 5!

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