A very controversial exfoliant for the body of Yves Rocher – Sugar Body Scrub “Marvelous Berries”

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Try to use the exfoliant body Sugar Body Scrub “Marvelous Berries” from Yves Rocher for the first time, nothing but bewilderment and disappointment I experienced. If you have experienced this or other sugar scrubs from a known brand and nothing but the desire to get rid of the useless banks they have, as I at first did not cause — I ask under kat, we will try to understand them together!

The hero of the post was released as part of last year’s Christmas collection Yves Rocher “Marvelous Berries”. In Russia the series is called “Winter berries”.

Although the brand I have a longstanding sympathy, specifically for their Christmas collections are not being watched and most likely would miss this product if I didn’t have to get the amount to get free shipping. So I got several skin funds from the collection, including this scrub. As its other representatives, the scrub smells slightly, and in my opinion, is quite simple. To me the flavor reminded old BlackBerry series Yves Rocher, which is no longer produced for many years, though, the fragrance is cranberry. In all other respects, except for the smell, as far as I can tell after browsing the reviews, this scrub is no different from their counterparts from the permanent collection, for example, exfoliant “Bourbon vanilla”, “orange Blossom, Lavender & Petitgrain or Tangerine, Lemon & Cedar”. So, I suppose that this post may be useful to anyone who, like me, have bought any sugar scrub marks and did not understand it.

The texture of sugar scrub is very thick and resembles a rather thick, rich oil with a few particles of sugar. In the product except the moisturizing and emollient oil (Shea, castor, rapeseed), cranberry extract, also includes citric acid that promote chemical peeling of the skin.

So what’s the problem with this scrub and why he caught so many units on the official brand website? The answer is simple — if you apply this scrub as you’re used to, in the shower, you almost certainly will face a number of challenges, namely:

  • Uneven application to the skin in a thick layer. Oil poorly absorbed into the skin, it prevents a thin layer of water on the surface of the skin
  • At the same time, the sugar particles dissolve almost instantly, entering into the slightest contact with water
  • As a result, the scrub is not fine scrub particles and irregularly smeared on the skin, leaving behind only one desire — to wash away fat mass
  • But our troubles were not over — wash it off the skin very difficult
  • If you still manage to do almost no effect from its use you will not feel, because as we have seen before — and without that small scrubbing particles dissolved, barely hitting the skin, and the oil almost did not eat the skin.
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The way out is ridiculously simple, and lies on the surface. I would not have written this post before the Council on the application of this scrub seems to me now obvious, but a cursory reading of the reviews on related products on the official website of the brand led me to the idea that not all come to the same way of using the product I have. Judging, again, by the reviews, or girls do not depart from the usual scheme of using the scrub, be disappointed and throw it away, as I did in the beginning, or doesn’t bother at the expense of the discomfort and get pleasure from the scrub, this what it is, while using his familiar pattern. Namely abundantly (it is necessary to transfer to the skin at least some sane amount of scrubbing particles, otherwise what’s the point?) applied to damp skin in the shower, massaging it and trying to wash off the scrub with water.

So what is my simple, but, in my opinion, powerful advice on how to use this scrub? Scrub shows a very nice result when applied it on dry skin immediately before showering. The scrub, at the same time, requires quite a bit. That’s exactly the case when it is necessary carefully to greedy that the product worked well and was enjoyable. With surprise and a slight apprehension, I was reading random reviews that this small 150 ml jars should last for only 4-6 uses (how much gel should be used to wash off a quarter, Yes, even the sixth part of a jar, I’m afraid to imagine). All this simple life hack is finished.

Scrub is distributed on dry skin, the oil is heated, melts and falls on it in a thin layer, starting to nourish it from the first minute of application, abrasive particles are not dissolved and do gently, but quite effectively scraborough the surface of the skin. They do not crumble, as one would expect, so you can apply it just before shower, and not only in the bathroom or the shower, besides, through this “traction skin” and light distribution on the surface during the massaging, their small number hardly felt like a significant drawback. A thin layer of oil has not been absorbed by the skin in the shower quite easily, simply and quickly. I’m not zealous and do not try to wash it up, just habitually apply the gel to skin, massage into a rich lather (as much as it is possible to foam the gel mixed with oil) and wash. As a result, the skin is really nourished, very soft, but, in any case, not sticky and not greasy. As someone who not that does not like and can not tolerate the feeling of greasy oil on the skin, stickiness and heterogeneity can assure you that oily after using the scrub in a way that I have described, no. Anyway, so this works for me. Again, the scrub, I apply minimal amounts, give the oil some time to soak in and then wash it in the shower.

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In addition, I note that, ideally, this scrub to apply on a pre-steamed skin like other scrubs. Most importantly, after steaming, wipe the skin with a towel and apply the scrub on the already dry surface. As a result, I think, will be the best. However, the use of a scrub without steaming also gives a very good result. The skin without prior preparation is not injured due to the oily consistency of the scrub, and the particles of sugar mechanical effectively remove dead skin cells.

I will try to demonstrate its action. To start, I put on a hand of a very small amount of the scrub:

Spread it evenly over the skin:

Lightly rubbing and leave it on the skin for a few minutes. Due to mechanical exposure to the skin slightly blushing. As you can tell, scrubbing particles are not so useless:

Then wash off the scrub with warm water with soap and wipe their hands:

After the treatment, skin is soft, nourished, in my opinion, does not look shiny or greasy. Most of all I like to use this scrub on hands, and lower legs. In other parts of the body specifically this scrub I do not use.

Usually, after a shower I always use a moisturizing dry body oil, but after using this sugar scrub for additional nutrition or hydration is not necessary. A trifle, but nice 🙂 To heighten the effect, after massaging skin scrub can be left on the skin for 5-10 minutes and then get into the shower. The scrub I use 1-2 times a week and very happy with them. Although there were periods when I used it almost every day until I liked the softening effect that it has on the skin. Perhaps try other flavors. Although, given the efficiency of the product, not sure that I find a more interesting representative among the products of other manufacturers by the end of my jar. Oddly enough, in the end, this scrub seems to me to be far from the worst product of Yves Rocher.

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The only way I would improve it — would increase the number of scrubbing particles, and would have added a clear instruction for using the scrub. Otherwise, for me, it is not surprising that the evaluation of these sugar scrubs on the official website jumps from 5 to 1. I was ready to write angry feedback immediately after purchasing and put a solid 1, so that fewer people purchased this vague, and even unpleasant, as I thought at first product. By the way, I managed to find a sticker with instructions for use in Russian, where black and white written: “apply to skin of body”, but in the original instructions in English there is no clear recommendation for application of funds on wet skin.

Scrub suggest rinse thoroughly and use 1-2 times a week, do not use on broken or irritated skin, tightly close the jar after use (and that we hadn’t guessed). And rinse the tub or shower after using the scrub (apparently in order not to slip). In this recommendations end.

Ingredients: brassica campestris (rapeseed) seed oil, sucrose, butyrospermum parkii (shea) butter, candelilla cera/euphorbia cerifera (candelilla) wax/cire de candelilla, glyceryl stearate, cocamide mipa, ricinus communis (castor) seed oil, parfum/fragrance, benzoic acid, stearalkonium hectorite, propylene carbonate, limonene, aqua/water, glycerin, citral, vaccinium macrocarpon (cranberry) fruit extract, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, citric acid.

Volume: 150 ml

Price: 16 $ on the official website without discounts or 1060 rubles, on the Russian site analogues 530 rubles

Testing period: 2 months

Rating: 4 (lower score for the lack of clear recommendations for use)

To summarize, let me emphasize that my post is directed not so much praising a particular product, how much for the suggestion to use it in a manner slightly different from that to which we are all probably used to, if you have already bought and can not dare to throw, but use it not very desirable. No urge to buy this product because not fit all and not everyone will like to bother with applying for such funds. But I have my jar of scrub throw away changed my mind. And finally, of course I’ll ask you, have you tried sugar scrubs from Yves Rocher? Tamed them right or understand them as well as I do first?

Thank you for your attention and I hope my post was useful to someone 🙂


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