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We live in the days when the whole beauty industry is working for us. The problem of imperfection of the body can be solved — it is only a matter of time and the correct program. But there comes a moment when all possible means of struggle for an ideal (sport, diet, cosmetics) have exhausted their resources. What should I do? To drop everything and come to terms with reality? Not if to go, then go to the end and this comes to the aid of plastic surgery. In this paper I will describe my experience in abdominoplasty. Today’s post will be without aesthetic images. Instead of reflecting the truth of life photography. Well, if you’re ready (mentally I tried to prepare you should be a smiley face), then open the post:)

Just specify in the article is the least professional terms. All the experience I will tell in my own words, simple, non-medical person. What is fasting and why do I publish it to this resource? There are a couple of reasons. First: on the. gathered true admirers of beauty and I hope my essay will be a useful contribution to this body of knowledge. Secondly, I will talk about the points worthy of attention that you are unlikely to hear from the surgeon or find on the forums about plastic surgery. And last but important to my argument: only one site. I read lying in the hospital and that your posts gave me the motivation and strength to recover. So it’s time to say thank you and tell you how it was:)


Completeness I started to struggle with class 6th. Victory and defeat were on both sides. But the Apocalypse came after the birth of the child. This is how I became. Weight is around 98 kg. Girl, I’m sorry to use this for the 3rd time on this resource, but other “naglyadnost” I don’t have. All the evidence that time, I immediately erased, deleted, or tried not to get into the frame.

When you look at this photo, my eyes immediately catches just the immense size of the stomach.

Then I began training, nutrition, body care.

January 2018. I’m on the train. All the same loose t-shirt hides belly and pants maximum smoothing contours.

Some of the exercises in the hall, for me, was mental torture. So handstand bared belly and all the “good” fall out.

A couple of times I took pictures of themselves to see the real picture. One of such pictures:

About plastic surgery I didn’t even think. For me, the fear to go under the knife like death. So what spodvignulo me to take this step? Answer: summer and opened the picture of reality. With the onset of the summer season, I chose a new swimsuit and once again had to settle for a closed model. Most of the time I spent in the water, because lying on gesange felt discomfort from rasplavilsya body. The idea to radically solve the problem way came to me in the evening 14.06. The next day I called for consultations with three different plastic surgeons to hear their opinion. About the operation at that time, I thought. I sincerely believe that my problem can be solved with the help of liposuction. As I said, in medicine, and especially in the plastic, my knowledge was limited at that time to “0”. But all three doctors in one voice said that the stomach will save only abdominoplasty that I do not have excess fat, namely of the skin. Think long and I don’t like (the longer the wait, the more fear creeps into my brain) on 22.06 was scheduled for surgery. It was decided to do a full abdominoplasty and liposuction unit Vaser (zone breeches, front, back and inner thighs and area behind). Girls about liposuction in this post I will not write, because this is a separate issue with its nuances. If interested, better write a separate post with clear photos.

So, the decision about surgery was made for two minutes to no ways of retreat, I immediately made all the necessary sum ( the doctor was genuinely surprised and said that these resolute as I’ve ever seen:) But it is unlikely she understood that it was not my courage, but rather cowardice and fear to change your mind:) Before surgery I did not read any forums and articles about abdominoplasty and specifically asked the doctor not to let me in on the details of the process, and just do whatever she felt was necessary.

Here I want to say about his first observations. I’ve often heard that girls choose a surgeon according to the recommendations and often travel hundreds, or even thousands of miles to do the surgery and back. In my experience I would say the following: after any surgical intervention needs monitoring and constant supervision of a physician. To overcome a long distance, when the desired rest is not a good idea. In addition, there may be unforeseen complications and their solution is better to trust the doctor who performed the surgery and then the miles be a significant barrier. So, the first thing

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— it is better to choose a surgeon in your city or near the residence

The second point: you can inquire friends, look for reviews online (some of them sometimes is) or focus on the pictures of previous operations the surgeon ( poor results, no one show will not and here the objective also remains in question). Each of us body is different and what will be the outcome is difficult to predict. Among my friends there were cases when the work of the best plastic surgeons does not suit them and with the scandals had to seek re-intervention. I discussed with my surgeon the moment. We agreed that if I don’t like it, re-correction will be free. The second a conclusion:

— better focus on their opinion. Listen to what questions the doctor asks, how much time is devoted to consultations, how easy to your understanding and really give sensible advice. The experience of others is good, but you is not all.

Third. It is better to take care of and solve all the necessary economic and personal matters: to attend, if necessary, state agencies, meet with friends, stocked refrigerator, to do General cleaning, Yes, in principle, all of what we encounter in everyday life. Believe me, in the next two weeks after the surgery, any little thing will seem back-breaking labor. And most importantly, announce your plans to friends/family and get their support. The physical helplessness of the first days — the pattern of these transactions. Sometimes ( after done) I read forums where girls are asked to compare caesarean section and abdominoplasty. I took both and my opinion is clear: Caesar is just a mosquito bite compared to what awaits. Third point:

— tummy tuck this is not the case when you have to show heroism and to think ” I can do it myself.” The assistance will help in faster mental and physical recovery.

What else should I consider before deciding on a tummy tuck?

1) You are already a mother in the future do not plan to have a baby. If the issue of children is open and you are undecided whether you want more time to experience a taste of motherhood, the operation should be postponed. Pregnancy will bring all the results to “0” and after the delivery will require re-intervention.

2) If you had the fullness you lost, the transaction should do when they reach the maximum desired weight. In any case it is not necessary to go on a diet 2 weeks before surgery and try to lose another few pounds. It will only complicate the work of the surgeon, because it is already on your consultation, the doctor draws a picture of the upcoming scope of work. The first question the doctor when she saw my stomach was: “How many pounds I lost?” After hearing the number from 36 to 38 kg she said that in these figures the body looks good. The second question which worried the surgeon: “What time I am in the current weight?”. 4 years it was quite satisfied. The fact that after the operation, any fluctuations can affect the aesthetic side. Slimming threatens the formation of hanging skin over the incision, and the increase will make the weld is wide and ugly. In my case, it just happened. I was not trying to lose weight, but endured a lot of stress, the body decided for me and lost another 2 pounds. In the end, on the sides formed a new excess skin.

3) Abdominoplasty is not a way to lose weight. The decision of aesthetic problems, not weight loss. If you continue to eat correctly and think that after surgery you can eat everything without gaining weight is a big mistake. Pounds quickly come back, the fat may be deposited in the most unexpected places, where it was not in sight. A balanced diet the rest of your life — such a condition of abdominoplasty.

Preparing for surgery:

So I passed all necessary tests, prsl consultation with the anesthesiologist, did a “before” picture and at the appointed time was in the hospital. The operation was scheduled for 12:00 noon. The day before I asked the surgeon how long is the whole process of transformation. Doctor, lashanna sense of humor replied ( in fact I asked you not to tell me):”in the Morning we will begin the evening it’s finished”:)

The following photos were taken 2 days before the operation, which in full glory and you can see the existing problems.

1) Discrepancy of the abdominal muscles.

2) the Navel, which loosely can be called that, novissime hidden under the excess skin.

3) Stretch marks formed during pregnancy and a large weight gain.

4) “Kurduk” in the abdomen and the fact that I don’t show a huge convex “pie” in the area of the pubis.

Here’s how it looks theoretically, the discrepancy of the abdominal muscles:

Before pregnancy they are at his place. While carrying the baby they are leaving for obvious reasons. After the birth someone, they cancel out themselves and come back to normal, but in my case did not help, no exercises.

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During the operation of abdominoplasty the surgeon makes an incision in the lower abdomen (I did the trail from cesarean section), raises the leather and stitches again move the muscles. This removes the global layer and formed the “sport” skeleton of the abdomen.

This photo shows how far a run the muscles.

Now the view from the left side. You can see how the skin hangs over the underwear.

Sagging skin in my case is not symmetrical. On the right side is much smaller. It is this asymmetry and physiological characteristics of the organism will lead me to the second (corrective) surgery. But more about that below.

And another front view.


So, the inevitable began. Then I told the surgeon all went according to plan: we started with liposuction and transferred to the stomach. When we were little, on the 8th hour of anesthesia, the body rebelled and began swelling of the Airways. Therefore, the operation had to complete and literally stitch the open cavity. It is clear that about aesthetics in this case speech did not go. Knowing his tendency to allergies to this fact I was not surprised, therefore, information perceived calmly and even with a smile. “The second (corrective) surgery is inevitable”,- said the doctor on the second day. By the way, after a month has elapsed since the surgical intervention, the results of liposuction become visible in some places else to work on. At the end of October I have planned for correction of a seam, removing hanging after the new weight loss skin + revision liposuction. I got a taste of that parallel decided to deal with the chest:) But let’s talk about the current intermediate result.

Waking up from the anesthesia I felt a searing pain. Something dripped through an IV (as it turned out an antihistamine), and before you disconnect, I’m hardly moving at times swollen tongue, I managed to whisper :” Pain”. Further 5-day stay in the hospital will not describe. I can only say that the first 7 days I cursed myself for such a hasty step, like surgery. When the doctor told me that I did I was in shock: my old belly button was removed and in its place formed a new stitched straight abdominal muscles and removed excess skin and subcutaneous layer. I really thought that the whole operation of abdominoplasty is just a matter of cutting off the looming “curruca”. The result of all was the removal of 750 grams of the skin and subcutaneous layer in the abdomen.


As it turned out, the operation is only half the battle. Postoperative recovery is no less important, I would say even the main stage of the success of the business.

1) Compulsory wearing of compression underwear. The first 3 weeks it is necessary to walk around the clock (Yes, and sleep too). So my advice is to buy a second set and while the first is in the wash to wear it. The first time, at discharge from the hospital, the corset I pulled doctor. In fact it is not so easy to do the most. First, it is necessary to dress only in a horizontal position, while controlling so there are no folds and pleats. My corset looked like this (only with thin straps).

Because I combined liposuction with abdominoplasty my corset was 2 in 1: good to keep the stomach and legs toned. On the first day due to the extreme swelling, the doctor managed to fasten it on the weak hooks, but after a couple of days it came together as it should. Two weeks later, the corset has become a large and had adequate support. Had to buy a new size smaller. Finally from wearing compression I refused after 40 days. The first time was hard, because the body got used to the support from the outside and the muscles refused to listen to the mistress.

2) Massage and physiotherapy. Before the operation I agreed with his masseuse Jeanne about lymphatic drainage massage. Knowing my tendency to edema, we both imagined what awaits us after surgery. The expected happened — the body in all areas (including wrists) raslabuha 3 times. On the 7th day after the operation I was already on her Desk:) Daily massage, we managed to bring the situation under control. If the body could speak and asked him what he was going through at the time, the answer was clear: “Shock”. Changed all pre-existing settings: lymph drainage, condition of subcutaneous fat, prolonged anesthesia, antibiotics also contributed with the sign “-“. The body just went crazy and gave different reactions. And my advice: the sooner you start the massage and physical therapy, the quicker and easier it will be recovery.

3) Sports. Walking, walking and walking. I was warned about this doctor before the operation. No matter what speed, but daily walks are mandatory. In order to disperse the blood, lymph, restore the vessels must be constant movement. I noticed that when I walk it becomes much easier than in a horizontal position. Of course, I very quickly got tired, sat down on a bench in the Park, but then got up and kept on moving.

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The first month of lifting more than 3 kg, the workout starts no earlier than a month. Completely isolate the work of the press and not give it a load. After 1.5 months I started to do at home, working on the hips, buttocks and hands with a minimum tagelangem.

The issue of personal hygiene.

This topic is especially acute after discharge and carrying of special linen. The first 14 days, while separated from the soft tissue, the skin grows again, it is strictly forbidden to be in the upright position without special.linen. What about personal hygiene? Remember, above I wrote that already on the 7th day after the surgery I started going for massage and physical therapy? It was there I asked the girls to collect in a basin of water with dissolved in it a vehicle for the soul. Right on the couch they washed me with a towel. Then changed the water and cleaned the skin from the remnants of the gel. Not to say that I liked it, but other exit was not simple. Hair was easier: I was leaning over the sink and my husband washed my head. How important has the help of loved ones I said, and a moment of personal hygiene is another proof.

What I can add: after the surgery within two weeks you can only sleep on your back, stretch your legs is impossible, so I had to put the knees under the roller and in this position remained for the whole night. Sensitivity in the abdomen back in about a month. To straighten up completely I could not for 3 weeks, the skin and muscles are badly pulled. I had the impression that they are about to burst. Sneezing and coughing is a separate torture. After every sneeze I thought under the skin was undertaken with a hot iron. The burning sensation was terrible and lasted for about two minutes. Swimming, sun exposure is prohibited (the period defined by the surgeon as the seam). On the sixth day I was back to work.

And now for the results of the operation and visual picture.

The condition of the navel in a month. The seams are not lifted yet, but already seen dramatic changes:

Next will try to demonstrate how much skin was cut off. In the photo I’ve marked the location of moles by asterisks. Left before surgery, right after.

The large mole that used to be located above the navel was now under him.

Photo where since the operation 2 months. New navel satisfies me completely, there was a pronounced waist, most of the stretch marks has gone to a remote piece of leather ( the rest are hoping to remove the correction), stitched the muscles I see ( including severe swelling of the left side).

My frustration curve and unsightly seam, complication, internal hematoma, General swelling and excess skin in the lower abdomen.


The size of the hematoma is best to convey through photos on your profile:

The only plus of my body, this is a quick regeneration of the skin (so cut again are not afraid:) Normally complete healing and disappearance of the red tint comes in six months, and for a year he should be completely invisible. My result after 2 months:

If it were not for the constant picking of the doctor in the left side of the abdomen, with the aim of pumping out the hematoma, my inseam is long healed.

Remember, somewhere in the beginning of the post I wrote that the asymmetry of the sagging skin in the lower abdomen played a cruel joke with me? Horizontal seam looks exactly ( on the operating table, too), but in the vertical sikos-nakos.

One more photo for comparison to refresh your memory what was the asymmetry.

Summary: Whatever did not seem terrible consequences, I continue to be optimistic and believe in the best. The right attitude the opportunity to easily transfer all difficulties:)

And the last photo before/after in the same clothes. After surgery I decreased by one size, the figure began to look more in proportion, and the contours of the body smoothly.


I don’t want to scare anyone, and it is unlikely you will find a photo similar to my own on the websites of plastic surgery clinics. Everything is beautiful and aesthetically pleasing:) But I wanted to show the possible outcome of such operations. Understand and admit that my, prone to allergic reactions and complications by the body, can happen anything. I am the exception rather the rule than the rule:) I hope next year (after re-operation and recovery) show you the perfect result. And while in hot pursuit, when the memory is still alive every moment of the experience, I share my experience with you, dear readers. In the comments ready to answer questions that may have missed in the post.

Thank you for your attention


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