About sore or “brushes”

Good afternoon everyone!

I turned twenty-six, and in parallel with some changes in life I wanted to change my skin care (plus, apparently, the consequences of the hot summer in the city made themselves felt – there was subcutaneous irregularities in the T-zone, which I blamed on clogged pores, which is not subjected to any purifying masks, which I completely missed).

And there is my question in terms of “electric brushes to cleanse the face”.

Recently I went through a lot of brushes online reviews on them, compare prices and principle of operation, but have not decided which to take. Of course, I wanted to buy Clarisonic, but the consultant at the store, once the official distributor of these products in Russia, has upset me about the termination of sales of “clarisonic” in Russia since January of this year.

And then away we go… Braun, Beurer, Philips, Scarlett, Pobling, Solstick, Mary Kay… For some cool reviews, some singing the ode to, Yes, even those that for last night I almost ordered five pieces! (of course not), any and all feedback in the afternoon with fire not find. What someone powerful, someone- “kindergarten, gave her daughter dolls to wash”. Batteries battery… And if I had seemingly found the “clarisonic-substitute” — it definitely was taken out of production. It seems, for yesterday, I learned all the product-market, not looking only in the direction and Foreo of the brushes from one Chinese site (although, who am I kidding? there I also watched). But still something is stopping from buying.

And now the question is: what brushes do You use? There may be some instances (even from above) that you could recommend?

Maybe there is somewhere the same “brush-dream”, which for the price was not too frightening, and to work effectively as a device for cleaning and not a massage…

(And another question, not quite in the topic — what is the difference Foreo play from their more expensive counterparts?)

About me: I’m 26, combo skin, prone to oiliness in the T-zone in hot weather.

Thank you in advance for any advice!

I’m Tanya, me on “you” ☆

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