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After the last post about eyebrows, I was determined to find a new and suitable.

He was discharged may suitable and recommended options — had only to walk in and see all on hand, but I painted the eyebrow and the process is a little stretched. And then after the next sharpening at some point I realized that the pencil from the post Clarins Eyebrow pencil 03 Soft blond to the middle of the paint and is not as dry, it became convenient and comfortable, and the color suited me perfectly. In General now it is the pencil that I will buy again and again. However, when the moment of inspiration I typed something else. Will tell about it.

1) NYX Cake Powder Brunette ECP05

Dark tint

Light shade

A small case in which two shades of eyeshadow and a wax. Closes tightly — it is possible to take with you. Inside there is a small devices — brush with hard bristles and brush too hard

Why have you chosen the shade “brunettes”? To me it seemed the most appropriate colors, than for blondes. Chose based on this.

The wax in the composition — just the wax, which detects colorless and he was pleased. Shadow — interesting. They are like colored powder. Well paint over the eyebrows and keep the hairs all day, make the eyebrows bigger (the source material I have not), but, unfortunately, to hide baldness for them. Ah, that irrepressible plucking in my youth! Now suffering. Actually this is my first convenient shade, previous I not so liked — sooner or later, I threw (Rive Gauche, Essence), even if they fit, it was not so comfortable to use. Although it would seem the same shade.

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Cost: RUB 438,97

Volume: 2,65 gr.

Use: 26.10.

2) Golden Rose Eyebrow pencil No. 102, Golden Rose Dream Eyebrow pencil No. 307.

No. 307 No. 102

These two pencils were bought in the trip with the intention of same and to use. Inexpensive, quality, easy to sharpen, draw well even on oily skin, demasiada with no problems and great hold all day. Never looked in the direction of this company since high school (had some prejudices), but now I understand that the pencils-and anything such was good. Paint a bald head on the eyebrows, which is good news. Only style curly eyebrows not able to — it’s a bit disappointing, but not criminal. differences between the pencils a special no — they are about the same for durability and wearability including. The darker (102) — classic pencil with a thin line, dry and sharp, it must be applied with strokes that elongates your morning makeup. And the lighter (307) — he’s fatter, draws lines a little wider and such that the feather is not particularly necessary — just draw on the eyebrows and forget until the evening — just how I like it. Saves time great. With the brush on the cap, you can comb out the excess. Sharpening both without problems (I like it more classic than plastic pencils-machines). In General accidental release purchase was successful.

Price: 1,55 Euro for No. 307 and 2.19 euros for No. 102.

Volume: not specified. about 1 gr. each

Use: 21.08.

3) Lumene Blueberry Eyebrow Pencil with Arctic Blueberry No. 1 Grey Black

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This pencil I have quite a long time in between coloring eyebrows I use it — the color is perfect to paint. And now, when I wanted eyebrows brighter and darker — I was his to use and no paint — just lightly applying it on the skin. The pencil is soft, powdery and enough racks — worn all day on my fairly oily skin. And summer stood. It is easy to podesavati and get a natural look. When the hair is darker — it looks very organic. Like GR, brush on cap allows you to comb out the excess if it was too much color. Well tochitsya and generally quite smooth. The main thing is not to press hard while awake in the morning draw eyebrows)

Volume: 1.1 g.

Cost: difficult.

I worked too hard, but more than a year for sure.

In the end it all its good use in turn — the mood and situation over time. If there’s no time (95%), the pencil, and if you have time to Tinker, and shadows to bother with them eyebrows bigger.

Here is still preserved a comparative Swatch of the pencils. Essence Atkins is over, NYX I almost never use it (very red).

At the moment, pencils, and other tools for your eyebrows is enough for me, so don’t expect something to buy.

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