Elinor Block

Thank you for visiting my journal. My name is Elinor Block and in this blog I write about style and fashion, life, my family and travels.

There are a lot of stripes and a bit of Paris, with which we have mutual love. Here you can and should communicate, you can express constructive criticism and, of course, praise. Please do not forget that you are my guest. The cozy atmosphere of this blog is very valuable to me and I have successfully saved it for several years now, do not try to spoil it, it will not work out for you anyway 🙂

If you are interested in mutual friendship or you want to draw my attention to your journal, you want to cooperate with me, or you just want to speak and ask something, then leave a comment to this post. Communication is important with mutual friends, so I can not send friends to each other, but I will always answer your comments.

Most of the articles in the blog about my work: about color types, style and fashion, shopping, basic wardrobe, I also share interesting links, fashion tips, talk about styles in clothes, accessories and much more.

To sign up for a consultation (color typing, color palette, personal style and cut of clothes, drawing up a basic wardrobe, shopping escort and other analyzes).

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