Accessories from a advent calendar Nyx Sugar Trip 24 Days of Beauty Advent Calendar

If you remember, in early January I did a brief review of the calendar NYX and promised to tell all about that there came more.

Lipstick a variety of different qualities and different behaviours, different consistencies and characteristics. Start?

NYX #thisis everything Lip oil mint and Cranberry NYX #thisis everything Lip oil Candy Pop.

Left — Candy Pop, the right — Cranberry mint

Candy Pop
Cranberry mint.

Two oil for lips, probably pleased. Superficially they are identical, when applied not to distinguished, his lips become a bit brighter. In fact it is a transparent gel-like products. Only sponges are painted in a different color, so some dye is present. With them well enough to spend time outside in the cold, is caring for the lips, not spread out. Actually, I was always good to the transparent lip products — they are versatile, generally caring, and overall pleasant. These were not the exception. However, it is not the oil and the gel. The smell is very weak floral, lilac and berry red. Sponges are identical — spatula, beveled on both sides.

Volume: 4.7 ml each.

NYX Butter Gloss Creamy Lip Gloss Glaze-y Days and NYX Intense Butter Gloss Creamy Lip Gloss Sweet Nothing.

The left — Glaze-y Days, to the right — Sweet Nothing.Glaze-y DaysSweet Nothing

Two glitter — the one intense, the other is normal. The usual lies better. Standard smell — slightly sour, sponge in brown beveled cylinder, and purple — triangle with two sides beveled. Brown less dense, purple — more, it is generally more dense and falls is rather like a lipstick only does not freeze, and remains a dense gel. Can porosity when applied and doesn’t stay up very smoothly (in the photo much) and going a little brown on the edge of the lower lip (see photo noticeably). And then, and not criminal — not noticeable from afar, but personally, for myself, a little uncomfortable, it is necessary to glance for them. Comfortable to wear, moisturize and protect lips, to wear in the cold or wind them just fine — the lips are not dry to a state of parchment. For all its light posts, they are quite decent products and are suitable for every day. Thought brown gloss just will not wear, but in fact he was quite nydam and I wore it with pleasure, especially in the cold. About purple opposite — thought I’d wear often, but in the end, to him I preferred the other one.

Volume: 4.7 ml each.

NYX Matte Lipstick Fluff Piece and NYX Matte Lipstick Sorbae.

Left — Sorbae, right — Fluff PieceFluff PieceSorbae

Sticky pain and sorrow. With the packing all is well — small sticks in the box with a good lid and smooth smooth mechanism. And they are transparent in the area of the belt — you can see what color the stick inside. Unfortunately, that’s all good finishes. Fondant like clay — dense, thick, nagging lips. Lie quite evenly, but more on the top — ie the folds of her lips not stain inside the contour obtained by the same fringe. To me this is very annoying, I don’t know how to wear lipstick nicely. I have re-shot three times, but each time it was the fringe and kind of clay. I decided to stop at this who the hell am I kidding!. Lipsticks accentuate peeling, will not give a smooth contour. In places where I slightly screwed up the loop to wipe them-even if fast — impossible, smeared. By the way, pink is more flexible and less clay, with proper tambourines in the dance you can wear it. Blue has not yet happened to agree. Perhaps it is found. But my fuse has dried up. No odor.

Volume: 2.5 g.

NYX Liquid Lipstick Lingerie Slip and NYX Liquid Lipstick Lingerie Deep Rooted.

Left — Slip, right — Deep Rooted RootedSlipDeep

These lipsticks very difficult for me. On the one hand they are resistant and do not need to check — at least for a long walk, even in the snow or the sand of the arena face, even in the pillow — whatever. The glasses/mugs are not likely to remain. On the other hand it is difficult to draw the contour and even wear. My lips shrivel up and require moisture. Literally drive to work, I wear a little, and immediately erased — I do not have it. Too dry, especially in winter or in windy weather. Lipstick — freeze, although initially almost cream. Puff long beveled on one side. Comfortable, but the contour is smooth to draw difficult (which is noticeable in the photo). Slip more flexible, falls evenly, and the shade — the dream (deep dusty rose, greyish pink, grey pink where prevails). I think that when I won’t dry the lips as much as winter (I wonder when it will be), it will be my perfect lipstick. The second lipstick sophisticated brown shade (on the tip of my tongue another word, but not essential). Can go smoothly. However, it also does not flow and dries fast. Categorically not mine. All this warm red-brown — never for me. Wore a few times, thought to be friends, but no — could not wear it. My sister found it interesting, but I’m afraid that she will not. Don’t know who she is, but apparently her fate is to lie in a box. Smell something, something very faint and indistinguishable, so we can say that there is no smell.

Volume: 4.7 ml each.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Vienna, NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Kiev, NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Metallic Nantes.

Kiev, Vienna, NantesNantesViennaKiev

Three lipsticks with different quality. The smell of all sweet — not the most pleasant, but quickly disappears, the sponge — beveled on the end cylinder. Kiev and Vienna — Geleva-cream and not frozen, and Nantes — solidifying metallic. The flexible tint — Vienna, it’s well worn and well behaved. All three shades are not for our latitude in winter are very dry. But specifically in Vienna more comfortable than others. A little thin but does not spread. Kiev is the tears. I thought the black is more dense frosting, but in the end it’s uneven mushy shade that few people arxit — tends either to plesioth, or smeared if you put more mobility lipstick all the time socks more pink than in Vienna, and the circuit he’s no good at it. Initially, I was very glad to him, thought Badu to do a gradient with red to not work. This baldness does not do anything on the lips is spotted black-and-red mess and all of this tends to drain down. Lies. Third color — metallic Nantes. Hardens, dries, and causes the lips to shrink, emphasizes every wrinkle and each peel. Permits the carrying on the perfect lips, but again, not in the Petersburg winter. Actual metal finish I don’t like it, I think he’s a little old-fashioned, but it’s a matter of taste.

Volume: 4.7 ml each.

NYX Cream Lipstick Suede Liquid Peanut Brittle and NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick Starstruck

On the left, Peanut Brittle, right — StarstruckPeanut BrittleStarstruckStarstruck

This series I liked the quality of the coating of molten lipsticks the most — falls more evenly tightens his lips in a chicken ass, and behaves well, even gives contour to draw, and does not emphasize creases. Smells slightly cosmetically, the sponge is quite easy — strongly sloping from the base of the cone. In the cold it is hard, but a little less is enough. Despite the fact that yellowish warm lipstick is not really my, I wear her periods and take pleasure in it comfortably. And pink is the most obedient and docile of all. Perhaps, among all lip products calendar, she is my favorite. Do these lipsticks have proven themselves well — you can check them out during the day and the time they are four hours-five if not there.

Volume: 1.6 ml each.

NYX Slip Tease Full Color Lip Oil Poppin’

The most difficult to wear and to shoot lipstick. The consistency is a little lighter than the rest of the frosting lipstick feels too frozen, but this is not happening and it remains mobile, but sitting like a glove (I don’t know how so, but so). Can porosity and falls a bit uneven. Over time, shrinks. Highlights all the creases and dry spots all seluchenko. Shade raspalennoe carrots — not quite mine, but quite nice and bright. The lips are not dry, in folds of the falls, though, and stresses. Contour allows you to draw, not flow. The sponge — beveled from the base of the cone, there is no smell.

Capacity: 1.6 ml.

From all the hints of problems with the make-up remover are Deep Rooted, Starstruck, Slip, Peanut Brittle and a little bit of Kiev. At least the Swatch I flush for two times heartbreaking Korean rigid foams could not, but was able to flush cleansing water TheSaem, some from the second disk. With lip off at work or just with a cloth, if the lipstick allow, if not — put higienico, wait half a minute, then wash with a cloth. Most of the lipsticks I love to wear I’m the majority, but some only during the period when the lips are not dry (may, June, September, October) so much. Nice to meet you, especially that lipstick is small — this is a chance to finish.

If you can master, then I’ll tell you more about shadows and products (wonderful blush and highlighter three).

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