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I love to share useful findings. It’s fall — time for pumpkins and apples oils. That’s about a couple and tell.

Some things are easier to buy on the spot. For example, care for the body, which I basically rarely use — and you can buy. If there is a need.

Brand is widely represented throughout the former Yugoslavia and sold not only in Montenegro (in Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia is also common and quite popular judging by the variety of local stores).

So, massage oil. Heavy plastic Bank almost opaque actually seen sozherzhimoe just for clearance. Under the twist-off cap restrictor with small hole.

Inside the transparent liquid aromate oil, slightly yellowish. One oil that jojoba has a slight aroma of Bourbon vanilla and the second is sweet berry. I can’t say that it’s strawberry to the full, but it is nice, unobtrusive and rather weak smell, some berries there. When applying, if you do not overdo it absorbs quickly, leaving a clear oily film. The key word is not to overdo it. Otherwise it will not absorb so quickly.

The oil itself is not outstanding, but I liked to use it on the legs below the knee — calf immediately stopped to dry. Nice trick. Given that my feet have certain features I have to have something to put I want it or not, especially when it’s cold vetrano. With butter, if used constantly, the wind is so terrible and cold. The aroma itself, more for pampering, but it is the process enjoyable and exciting.

The oil is quite cost — effective- got about a third or less than banks (albeit without the most banks).

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Sold THEM in Moscow, it seems, there is even offline.

Volume: 150 ml

Price: 5.99 EUR on each.

Use: from the beginning of September.

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