After dyeing hair, the young woman was swollen beyond recognition

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The hairdresser decided to dye my hair at home and suddenly she developed severe allergies, which, as it turns out, has evolved over the years.

Charlotte Cragg from the UK has told reporters that he became a victim of a severe Allergy to hair dye. Thus, the reaction of the girls got to paint, which she has used before.

Charlotte has eight years working as a hairdresser and usually dyed my hair at the salon. No problem never arose. She recently decided to tint my hair at home and bought the dye that had already been used.

The next morning Charlotte woke up in a terrible state. She says that awful sore throat and head, half face if he slid down, very swollen eyes. Own sons who are 4 and 6 years, scared Charlotte and asked not to approach him.

The girl went to the hospital and they found out that she was allergic to the dye PPD (PPD), which is used in most paints her favorite color. Moreover, the allergic reaction she had developed slowly. Therefore, the use of the same ink did not cause consequences.

Charlotte was lucky – three days later, the swelling on her face sleeping, passed and other unpleasant symptoms. She said she would not give up the hair dye, but now I will carefully examine the structure of the dye.

Lately more and more girls are faced with allergies to hair dye. We told the story of a student from France who almost died because of reaction to the dye.

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