Again try matte lips. ArtDeco High Ptrformance Mat Lipstick in shade # 724 mat terracotta

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I have already told you about the mosaic blush from ArtDeco Makeup collection For Fall The New Classic, and in that post mentioned that this collection the brand is quite extensive and interesting. For example, it also released a new matte lipstick Mat High Performance Lipstick in four shades and today I will show you one of them.

So, as I mentioned above, the shades in the collection are four:

# 738 mat crimson red

# 749 mat garnet red

# 762 mat grape juice

# 724 mat terracotta

A little promo shot.

I have # 724 mat terracotta.

This is my first lipstick brand. Was immediately struck by the packaging. Case made of silver metal, is engraved the logo of the brand. At the time, as luxury brands refuse of metal packaging, ArtDeco continues to release them. I, as a lover of all things durable, practical and stable is very impressed.

Shade called terracotta, and under this means that it’s complex, something between red, brown and orange.

For swatches on the left I applied the lipstick in a single layer, right side was layered.

If you look good, then in the middle of the lipstick you can notice some gold sequins, which, by the way, the lips are not visible, because they are not very shiny. Why do they put in there, remains a mystery to me. Maybe it did, to the hue was brighter.

The texture of the lipstick is soft, silky, very light, absolutely tight, as is usually the case with matte. On lips glides great, but there is a drawback — it can go smoothly, so that when applied it is better not to hurry.

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The lipstick has panthenol and vitamin E, which is the intent of the manufacturer should care for your lips.

The finish, as stated, Matt, but alive, and it seemed to me, slightly velvety. I chose the lightest shade from the collection, afraid of bright and dark, but something tells me that it is in dark shades of lipstick will be especially good. But the most beautiful thing in her, that she is not so much emphasizes my too active relief of the lips.

If we talk about the durability of the lipstick, everything is like a regular lipstick, 3-4 hours without snacking and active conversations. On the lips it does not freeze, stays creamy until the end. And here is how off the lip — I don’t like (maybe it’s because of the shade), and that Goldberry stick to the lips of almost tightly, so once the lipstick starts to leave her lips, I removed it completely with the help of cosmetic wipes.

But dry lips I to her did not escape, and leaving her do not feel at all, so still prefer to wear balm, but for the photo I applied without him.

And follow-up.

This is one of the most comfortable matte lipsticks of all those I’ve ever tried, and it’s lighter and just more comfortable on the lips than the sensational new YSL, but this, of course, my very subjective opinion, but still… well, everyone who loves the brand ArtDeco, and a matte lipstick, I suggest you look.

Price: now one of cosmetic networks specifically this shade can be bought for 594 RUB.

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Country of origin: Germany.

Rating: 4.

Thank you for your attention.



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