Against edema: what you should not eat for dinner

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The main reason of edema – fluid retention in the body. And often they provoke our dinner – some foods and alcohol.

The most evil enemy of beauty – the alcohol. You probably know that after a rough evening in the morning it is difficult to look good. In particular, alcohol causes problems with the distribution of fluids in the body, causing it to accumulate in the tissues. In addition, taking alcohol the body needs plenty of fluids, therefore, despite the swelling, he was suffering from dehydration.

At night is not to eat a lot of salt. Especially dangerous is the combination of salt and flavor enhancer monosodium glutamate. Because of the high amounts of sodium there is an imbalance of fluid and as result, swelling. So you should eliminate fast food, processed foods, any products manufactured and ready meals. Also, do not eat pickles and various canned food in them, too much salt, and also happens to be a large amount of sugar and vinegar. All these ingredients provoke the appearance of edema.

Lovers to dine sweet, too, it is not surprising the swelling. After all, the majority of confectionery is not only sweet but also bold. And it is not a good combination for dinner – your body will need a lot of water to digest it. Therefore, swelling may appear.

For healthy dinner best suited: fish, vegetables, lean meats, seafood, low-fat dairy products, some fruit or nuts.

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