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Hello! If you like to read about the new perfumes brands and you want to know what you can bring from Turkey in addition to traditional Souvenirs, this post is for you! Sit back, my story isn’t the shortest…

How to Express your love for the homeland and longing for it? How to tell about her and her traditions to thousands of people around the world? How to tell the story of his family? How to do it when there’s simply not enough words, and the heart ready to jump out of his chest?.. Someone writes poems, paints pictures, and someone who creates fragrances. A tribute to the native city and its streets, the atmosphere and stories was the first collection of Poetic Scents of Damascus niche brand Parfums Alghabra.

The name is Arabic sounding, and sounds exactly like the name of the founder of the brand, a young man from Syria, a name which passed down to him from his father Mohammed Chaid Algebra. Originally from a conservative family, whose head smashed gorgeous flower beds in her yard, where each plant was given its own place. Already at the age of eight Mohammed was helping his elder brother in the newly opened perfume store. And in 1973 opened his own. Over time, he became not only sell oil, but to mix the songs for the beloved customers. Well, helped sons. As a result, the perfume business became a family affair. The store still exists.

The entire history of the birth of the brand to retell’t see the point – it is very detailed on the official website. And, by the way, on the basis of this we can conclude how regimented the Creator Alghabra Parfums ANAS Algebra to detail that someone may not seem very significant…

But ANAS for his “brainchild” is not only a joy and pride but, I thought, nostalgia, turning into pain. In Istanbul he arrived in 2013 to pursue business education. Even then, he was thinking about perfume tribute to the father and the city where he was born and raised, to Damascus. But experience and knowledge was not enough, so ANAS began, so to speak, from afar: with cooperation with Turkish producers of fragrances and perfumes Gülçiçek and Seluz, with the distribution of niche perfumery. In 2015, the firm became the official distributor of Ajmal in Turkey, and in 2018-m – M. Int. But since my arrival in Istanbul, as it turned out, he never was able to go home. About what is happening in Syria, we’re all aware of the very good…

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If I understand correctly, the consultant hired not store, but directly Alghabra Kozmetik Group, respectively, and distribution, and their own flavors Alghabra Parfums are next. A good neighborhood!

The attention to detail I mentioned. The whole concept is built on the details, each with a distinct meaning of them and built everything: background, design and even selection of specific music for each song. A thorough approach. As thoroughly built in Damascus dwellings: well-fitted to each other black and white stones…

If you put a number in sequence the boxes with the flavors, like the books on the “spine” will be a picture of the Damascus, its an old neighborhood from my childhood of ANAS.

Therefore, in a shopping Mall, where I thoughtfully ran his nose over batteram, boxes and testers are in a well defined order.

As is customary in Arab countries, “read” from right to left.

The first thing we see – the perfume shop, behind the counter of which is none other than Mr. Mohammed. The house in which the store is located, though of stone, but old, its Windows decorated with stained glass Windows, traditional for this area even today. The aroma From the Heartwoven from flowers and fruits, some of them (again, traditionally) were planted in the yards. Perfect balance ylang and Lily, who are sound in harmony, whisper not “shouting” tender rose.

Top notes: bergamot and peach, bitter orange

Heart notes: Damascus rose, Lily, ylang-ylang

Base notes: ambergris

(Suggest to read the review of this fragrance from murka-ksy)

Follow on. Narrow street (and again – typical of many Eastern cities, but here it is Sweet Souq, Sweet street, at its corner and the shop), some passers hurry about their business, others shopping, still others leisurely stroll. A typical day in the life of the city (adjusted for the time – talking about the past…). And the center of the fragment is another old house, not built entirely of stone, and built of wood, all with the same stained-glass Windows and overgrown with Jasmine. I would, of course, the picture didn’t get the Jasmine, which we in our area know as the bushes of mock orange. City of Jasmine – as it is translated the name of Damascus. There it grows everywhere, and decorating courtyards and houses, and filling the hot air with its scent. I was ready to dive into Jasmine Datura (some flavours love it even with the indole), but beliveau tenderness eclipsed… cypress. I love him, too. But as I read descriptions of fragrances already imagined a certain “image”? On the website deliberately does not include all the notes of: “Why? Let everyone finds something different, let the dreams, let them imagine,” he explained to me later, the owner of the brand. Cypress, like Jasmine, like, but not any scents he found so familiar, very bright… And the official pyramid looks like this:

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Top notes of leather and Apple

Heart notes: Jasmine and rose

Base notes: vanilla and musk

Another “step” – and we in the cozy courtyard of the old Damascus. Patio in Eastern style. You can relax in the shade of the stone arches and enjoy the cool shade of the fountain. And again about the flowers, and think again about Jasmine, after all, is the King of Flowers. But here a surprise: vanilla! And without a riot of colors, which at first expect to hear… those are pleasant moments of relaxation, when the noise of the streets remains behind walls of black and white stones, but a faint breeze brings the smells from a nearby bakery. Vanilla bright, confectionery do, but “soothing” soft coffee notes. The case when in a delicious muffin not dig their teeth, and relish, washed down with small SIPS prepared in the sand coffee… Cozy, soft scent, which I enjoy all day. Something sweet, to replace the bouts of eating sweets, harmful to the figures ???? Than I actually do, because for myself, I chose this flavor.

Top notes: grapefruit and bergamot

Heart notes: lavender and iris

Base notes: ambergris and sandalwood

Someone has noticed that I once again mentioned the black and white stones? The contrast in the architecture of old Damascus create including they and this contrast is reflected not only in black-and-white reproductions of paintings on the boxes, but on all the bottles. Collection – one, but some of the vials with white caps and labels, part – black. And back part of the label – not that other, as a fragment of the picture.

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The fourth and fifth fragrances – Scent of Paradise and Poem of Damas, respectively. The Umayyad mosque, the Great mosque of Damascus, the entrance to the Souk al-Hamidiya.

Scent of Paradise – a light sensual fragrance, bright and spring – with citrus at the start and rose in the heart. Beautiful, lush rose you can enjoy forever. A rose without Eastern lubricity, fresh, not tired from the midday heat

Top notes: fruity notes, bergamot

Heart notes: iris and rose

Base notes: ambergris, musk, sandalwood.

Poem of Damas – typical East ugowym “stem” on which the flowers bloom and ripen fruit. UD delicate, soft and deep.

Top notes: agar wood (Oud) and ambergris

Heart notes: fruit, flowers

Base notes: Oriental notes

All the flavors are distinguished by a high concentration (30%), although one of the boxes indicated less. Durability excellent! Price, in principle, too (160-170 USD for 50 ml). In Istanbul, three sales outlets in large malls; work in small perfume shops. But we don’t yet have a distributor still not found…

Three fragrances created in cooperation with Jorge Lee, who is also the author of nearly two dozen compositions for Nishane and approximately as many for Ricardo Ramos, on two worked Turkish perfume – Meltem Akda(g) and Jam cetinca. I think these same perfumers mark and work on the fragrances of the new collection, dedicated to Istanbul, the city on seven hills. It is not difficult to guess what flavors will be seven. But what and how they “tell” the city I love for many years (and even lived there once), we’ll know when the collection will be ready.

In the meantime, I nakagauchi his “King of flowers” and wears that managed to upstate on the run into the first container. Sample-sets were launched after my return home, but they have no need – impressions of flavors, in principle, formed. Will soon share them with you!

Thank you for reading to the end!

I – Eugene

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