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Representatives of these countries are striking in their beauty, grooming and eternal youth. We offer you to compare care and something to take note of.

Eternal youth vs old age elegant.

If you ever watched the people of Korea, you probably noticed that in this country a veritable cult of youth. Every Korean over the age of 18 seeks to preserve her beauty and so lasts up to 60 years. At this age women retire and, according to tradition, begin to give yourself to favorite activities – sports, Hobbies and communication with family and friends. And before that age Koreans use all means, up to heavy artillery in the form of plastics and beauty shots to preserve eternal youth.

In contrast to Korea, the resident of France is much calmer celebrate the new age. They watch their diet and lifestyle, but this is mostly done to improve the standard of living. The basic rate in the care of a French girl doing on the skin. Women use various means to care for skin and use decorative cosmetics.

As for the traditional way of life in Korea, many girls also carefully monitor their diet and weight, visit gyms and do not abuse alcohol. By the way, on the street, many Koreans face that caught the sun’s rays and also from dust and dirt. But French women don’t particularly love going to the gym, preferring yoga at home morning and support. The philosophy of most women of this country – to enjoy life, so they do not refuse flour products and wine.

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