All cosmetics are gone. 8 first replacements of expensive cosmetics

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I remind you that this is the second post I’m doing on the popular once on YouTube the video: All the makeup is gone. I have posted a post with the budget of the first replacements. Today I’ll tell you about more expensive. Here is the makeup Suite and the Professor will clarify that the basic condition for this post is I am talking only about those products that are available to buy at the moment. I do not mention limidi and the money that was taken out of production. In view of this, it becomes clear that this is not my favorite tool, not favourites, namely the base replacement, which is easy to get. If you are interested to look at a basic set of “expensive”, welcome under kat.

So, I’ll start again with a corrector, as I almost never wear creams.

Concealer MAC Mineralize Concealer in shade NW15

This concealer I bought when I realized that I was tired of buying budget Essence every month. In the end, I still buy Essence, but much less frequently and make use of these two markers is approximately the same. I fit perfectly the shade NW15, he’s not yellow, it is bright, resistant, moisturizing, not shiny on the skin. For me it went well, and I do buy it again when it’s over. Because in regard to such products for the face, disguise dark circles, minor imperfections, I believe that no good deed goes unpunished. Better to experiment with shadows and lipstick, but concealer or corrector is better to find your and use with pleasure.

Guerlain Les Tendres Meteorites 02 Clair Compact

If in the previous post with budget replacements I’ve highlighted separately the powder and the highlighter separately, among the more expensive their means all my military was extremely limited and I by your own rules can’t paste in this post. But these compactive meteorites from the permanent line I spent the last year and am using as powder and as a highlighter. So for me this product is two in one. And like a powder I like it more. At the same time and gently mattifies and illuminates the skin. I thought it does not happen and we must choose one or the other. I’ve been afraid of the permanent line of Meteorites, it seemed to me they have a lot of shimmer, but it is the lightest shade I was perfectly fine, and more beloved by the General public beige 3, just was very brilliant.

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Nars Blush Threesome

My favorite blush is limitka spring 2017 Guerlain, I wrote about them in a recent post on almost the full spring collection of that year. But by your own rules, I am unable in this paper to show libicki, so I chose from his collection blush, which is the most similar shade. This pale pink blush Nars. I love it when I repeat the blush shade of my natural blush. These are the same. They are very light, and they need to be layering, so working with them is easy and pleasant. But suits only very light-skinned girls. And dust much unfortunately.

Shadows Inglot Freedom Rainbow in shade 107 R

If we talk about expensive shadows, I have also accumulated a lot of luxury limitor, but I remembered that before I found the shadow Flormar, I always enjoyed his collected Inglot palette. You can certainly argue about the high cost of these shadows, but they are not cheap I think that brand has positioned itself as a professional, so rightfully include them in the list of more expensive equipment. As all gathered here know, the Freedom system allows you to collect samples of the shadows of those shades that you need. I have collected a few of these palettes. But in fact, I can get one refil, castesim of three shades. A line of Rainbow, the shade 107, it consists of grey, greyish brown and dark brown. A great combination, and the photos show that the refil I have thoroughly worn. The shadows a little harsh, don’t stain and require layering. I work with them quite comfortably.

The Clinique High Impact mascara in shade Black.

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The mascara I choose is quite famous, besides her began to PR a lot lately. But it is really good. I love classic brush, two shades black and brown, I’m black, I bought it in a set, but usually take the brown. Both I like. It is well stained eyelashes, lengthens them and curls slightly, exactly what I need.

Clarins Eclat Minute lip Balm-lip stick in shade 06 Rosewood.

I also did a separate post about the shades 06 and 08 this balm. The stick is seen for what it poyuzat. And this is my second. To be clear, how I love him: more than 50 lipsticks, at the time of repair I left myself this balm. It colors my lips, he’s got an amazing texture, which instantly brings my lips in order, even if they are in a very dead condition. This is another masterpiece in the cosmetic industry and I will never stop buying it.

Lipstick Chanel Rouge Coco Shine in the shade 54 Boy

Here, too, nothing original. In fact, my perfect Nude it limitka last summer from the same line, Golden Sand (there is a separate post), but since we are not considering now limidi, I will point to one of the most popular shades of the line of Rouge Coco Shine — Boy 54, translucent pink Nude. Calm, subdued, suitable always and for everything. It is possible to paint without looking. Base base in all its glory.

Lip gloss Clinique Splash Lip Pop Gloss And Hydration Travel Size in shade 06 Adore U

Among the glitter, I again came to a halt, as most of my glosses are limiteci. But I did pick this baby Clinique, as it meets all my needs. It is a neutral color, which I love. I think after two posts and six products for lips you’ve seen (they’re all the same…). He has a comfortable soft and elastic, puff, good durability, not spread out, not rolled, not flowing over the folds of the lips, not drying them and not particularly sticky. I think that this is enough for a good Shine.

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Will show also some photos where I painted only these products. They of course will be very similar, but I assure you, they are different in the degree of saturation of the makeup, although this difference is not as clear as it was in the post with a better budget. And just to clarify, this is not a show of shades, and certainly not a story about makeup. In this illustrative images which I have in 90% of cases wear in life. My base, my Nude my makeup without makeup.

Here concealer, powder, blush, mascara, the balm Clarins and the lightest shades on all the movable century. Makeup takes five minutes for which he valued.

Here I changed the balm to the gloss Clinique and medium shades darkened the crease and lightly traced migracyjne space.

And I use the darkest shade to finish the small arrow and down your lower eyelid. Lips lipstick Chanel.

Here are some such basic set of the more expensive equipment I got. Which set did you like more? Expensive or cheap? Be sure to tell us about your first replacement from your Suite or prof, if all the cosmetics are lost. The conditions are the same, you can buy now, not limitka, not taken from the sale. I read with pleasure, much has been brought to your shopping list.

Thank you so much for your attention and time, I appreciate it very much!

It is necessary to remove gray sunglasses, the world is full of bright colors.


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