AllergyCertified issued the first certificate of hypoallergenic raw materials for cosmetics

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AllergyCertified organization, which is engaged in certification of raw materials and different substances in terms of their allergenicity, has recently announced that for the first time in its history, issued a certificate of hypoallergenic ingredient to use in cosmetics and personal care products.

Have received such a status component Veggilanol Gold that belongs LanEsters, a German company, the main supplier of lanolin for cosmetic products. The raw material was examined by the toxicologist AllergyCertified eve Daniel. The organization makes special emphasis on strict verification process, through which all the raw materials to obtain a certificate.

AllergyCertified carefully evaluates every batch of raw material to check the presence of foreign bodies, even to the slightest traces of substances that can lead to any number of allergic reactions in consumers.

“We refuse to certification 5-10% of the products that we receive every year. The main cause of failure is that our experts find additives or preservatives in the raw materials that we can’t afford the product, – said Mrs. Daniel. Thus, certification of raw materials facilitates the work of product developers. She is proof that the raw material has already been evaluated and certified, which gives you the opportunity to continue working with him.”

Recall that AllergyCertific was founded in Denmark in 2015, and one of its original goals was the certification of raw materials. The organization States that its objective is to developers the products all over the world could easily create safe cosmetic products for skin care, makeup, diapers, and other products that come into contact with the skin.

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“The number of possible allergens in the raw material can be very small, but even this may not be enough to give people with skin allergies appeared allergic reaction,” explains Daniel. – Therefore very pleased to note that we began to contact more suppliers of raw materials. I hope that in 2019 we will be able to certify more raw materials that will allow designers to easily create products that are truly safe for your skin.”

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