Almond scrub muesli, peeling skateboard, an orderly and other Bute novelties of the week.


Lip balm with cranberry extract and menthol, fragrance with lily of the valley, allergy prone skin serum, almond body scrub muesli, peeling skate with rice water and other spring novelties – in our review.

Le Rose Perfecto Liquid Balm, Givenchy (2 780 rubles).

Balsams in beautiful leather cases have a hybrid formula combining makeup and skin care. Le Rose Perfecto Liquid Balm nourishes, moisturizes and protects your lips, emphasizing their natural shade.

It contains shea butter, cranberry and menthol extracts (it is responsible for the cold), hyaluronic acid and pink pepper oil.

Created by Nicolas Dezhenny, the new palette consists of 12 shades. We like the soft pink Perfect Pink No. 001, which reacts to the individual pH of the lips, and the nude Nude Soul No. 14, so beloved by the brand’s ambassador Blanca Padilla.

Бланка Падилья

Toleriane Ultra Dermallergo Intensive Serum, La Roche-Posay

According to scientists, by 2050, every second person will suffer from some kind of allergy. Reasons may vary: from negative environmental factors to changes in lifestyle and genetics. And in 89% of cases, allergies (food, respiratory or skin) have a direct impact on the skin, as confirmed by a study conducted by La Roche-Posay.

Toleriane Ultra Dermallergo Intensive Serum is designed to take care of super-sensitive and allergy prone skin. The product has a double effect: it activates the natural protective function and significantly reduces the signs of irritation from external factors, such as pollen, polluted air, detergents and so on.

Includes: high concentration neurosensin, La Roche-Posay thermal water, osmolite and glycerine. The formula is of course hypoallergenic – no parabens, fragrances, ethyl alcohol or dyes.

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Almond body scrub muesli, shampoo and conditioner from Almond series, L’Occitane.

The French brand’s aroma lineup is enriched with almond body scrub muesli, shampoo and conditioner. The first one really looks like oatmeal flakes. Not only in appearance, but also in composition. It consists of almond oil, almond and buckwheat flakes, particles of almond shells, white and brown sugar.

Миндальный скраб-мюсли для тела

Shampoo and conditioner help soften and untangle hair, giving it a shine. Most pleasingly, the packaging is made of recycled plastic and is 99% biodegradable.

The L’Occitane almond line has a special story. The almond trees, once the pride of the Provencal landscape, disappeared from Provence in 1956, giving way to agricultural crops. The Gaubert brothers, who cultivated lavender plantations on the Valenceol plateau, did not want to put up with it and were the first to support the revival of almond groves in the region. They planted almost 30,000 almond trees, and since 2002 the L’Occitane brand has been supporting this project.

Spot corrector Salises Lauric and Lactyferrin Sebum Facial Gel, Sesderma

Sesderma has released a comprehensive care for skin prone to acne. The main active ingredients of the corrector and gel were five types of acids (lauric, oleic, myristic, almond and glycolic) and liposomes, consisting of soya phosphatidylcholine. They have a regulating effect on skin fat, prevent excessive sebum secretion and help prevent inflammation on sensitive and oily skin.

First you need to apply an inflammation corrector (it is convenient to do with a roller applicator), and then moisturizer Lactyferrin Sebum Facial Gel. It will enhance the action of the first product, prevent bacterial growth, make the skin matte and prevent the formation of pimples.

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Fragrance Velvet Mughetto, Dolce&Gabbana Beauty

Mughetto in Italian means lily of the wood. This is the chord that makes up the new spring composition. Warmed by the Sicilian sun, the flower bouquet is complemented by creamy notes of magnolia and earthy sound of patchouli. Warm shades of sandalwood and Kashmeran are in the trail.

The creator of the fragrance was the French perfumer Sidoni Lancesser, who was inspired by the landscapes of Sicily, where sunlight warms up the clean air of the island and wild flowers grow in paradise meadows.

Night Mask, Peel Run and K-Beauty, Avon (

Three new masks came out in the Korean K-Beauty range. The night mask “Sleeping Pearl” with pearl extract gives softness and radiant appearance to the skin, K-Beauty Rice Joy peeling skateboard gently exfoliates dead cells, producing a brightening effect, and the mask “Pomegranate Bliss” cleanses.