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Hello! Today their impressions of the Foundation, which was used this summer.

IT Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Color Correcting Full Coverage Cream + Anti-Aging Hydrating Serum + SPF50+ UVA/UVB Broad Spectrum Physical Sunscreen

Sometimes I think my skin is designed for crash tests of tonal resources. The struggle for clean, smooth and healthy skin I have continued with the age of puberty, with varying degrees of success, but while my dreams go out with naked skin, covered only by a thin veil of meteorites crash into the reality that we have to mask.

Despite the large variety of funds to choose a suitable tone remains a challenge. I have combo skin type, problematic, prone to fat, but dehydrated and sensitive skin, uneven skin tone, sun pigmentation and pore-craters. Take resistant Foundation with a matte finish for oily skin, to obtain the effect of the mask on the face and dryness underlined peeling; choose a moisturizing fluid — highlight all the small imperfections and makeup will float in 2 hours, thus falling into the pores. In addition, one has to look at the composition of tonal resources, because some of the ingredients are triggers for my sensitive skin.

While close to the ideal Foundation for winter is Helena Rubinstein Color Clone, but for the summer I wanted to find something light and weightless, while masking the disadvantages of bonus would like to get protection from the sun. I have long studied the reviews and eventually ordered the trial to thumbnail CC cream us brand IT Cosmetics — Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream

Pet American (and not only) audience CC cream color correction skin has numerous advantages:
— provides flawless coverage, instantly disguising skin imperfections, including dark spots;
— protects the skin from the sun with physical sun filter broad-spectrum SPF 50+ ‘UVA/UVB;
— moisturizes and smoothes the skin, giving it brightness and radiance;
— resistant formula stays on the skin for the whole day, not masyvas and without sinking into pores and wrinkles;
— fights against aging with complex ingredients: hydrolyzed collagen, peptides, Niacin, hyaluronic acid, vitamins and antioxidants, helping to reduce the pores and prevent the appearance of wrinkles;
— developed with the involvement of plastic surgeons and is clinically tested by dermatologists, not tested on animals.

All in one: moisturizer, anti-aging serum, Foundation, concealer and sanxin. Personally, I such statements are liking is just what you need my naughty skin!

Situation number one: in Russia, the brand is not represented in the country where I usually live, too, so you need to order from an online store and wait. Not terrible, know, know, practice.

Situation number two: choosing the right shade. At the time of order in the line was only 7 shades, now the range has expanded to 12.

Left — the old lineup, right — updated

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The manufacturer claims that the tint adapts to your skin tone, in addition to this I have used the online helper choice of colors and ordered the Light

The packaging looks like a box from the mascara, which tried to cram the maximum amount of information. The brand is positioned as a luxury, there is the feeling of the mass market who tries to attract customers with promises on the box. I don’t care, as long as the product worked.

In the full version — 32 ml and the dosing pump, I have a miniature volume of 12 ml. Tube steel color made of soft plastic in the spirit of toothpaste and unscrewed the plastic cap, painted metal. Looks simple but neat. And most importantly, this format will fit not only in makeup but also in your pocket.

This volume is enough for approximately 3 months with daily use. This is the second Foundation in my life that ended.

Initially the hole was protected with foil. The hole is narrow, but the content is easily extracted by pressing on the tube. When the cover is closed, nothing flows, but the nose is always dirty.

On the tube there is a transparent window where you can see a shade of cream. If you have several of them in different shades is a good way not to confuse, but at the same time and see when it will end. By the way, the tube easily and quickly scratched and lose presentable.

The composition is impressive: a huge number of skin ingredients, there’s just a jumble of Botanical oils and extracts, on the second place — the snail, and all stated in the description of the moisturizing benefits of sitting in last place. I’m a little confused by the combination of a derivative of retinol, Niacinamide and ascorbic acid in one bottle, but the producers know better, and the dose insignificant. Added a large number of citrus oils — allergies note.

As sun protection is physical blockers zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. The manufacturer offers to upgrade the cream every 2 hours while in the sun, but I never did have the usual sunscreen, conflict texture was not.

Nothing reminded? The formula is very similar to the Korean BB/CC creams. Is this friend in Korea to order United States (remember, the brand belongs to L’oreal group).

The consistency of the cream is thick, more like a mousse with oil. On hand will keep the shape, without spreading, until the smear. The tube is not stratified.

Despite the density, easily distributed, and can be stretched thinly on the skin or layering. It can be applied without problems by brush, sponge or byteblastermv. I prefer to apply with my hands.

Applied to the skin a layer of cream felt in no hurry to absorb into the skin and lays down a thin, uniform film. You can immediately feel the hydration and a small cooling effect.

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Is fixed on the skin for 1-2 minutes before this is noticeable and a little lipoate, then merges with the skin. Finish natural satin to the touch completely matte. You can safely layering, new dose not remove the old layer, not thin and not lies spots.

The Light shade was a little dark for me, but I was just taken with the sight that will light up.

On the left stretched a little drop in the center, brushed with a finger, to the right is rubbed on the skin

Does not sink into pores, stays worthy of a whole day, the skin is not pants, not sweats and not feel a layer of silicone. But the cream can highlight peeling if they are, be sure to pay attention to exfoliation and additional hydration of the skin with it. Unfortunately, printed on the collar and the screen of the phone. If you touch your face in the first few minutes after application, then erased from the skin and will remain bald spots, so he should be given time to fix.

The cream is very friendly: hassle-free falls on any product: (I have tried several moisturizing creams, radiant base Becca, on the contrary, a silicone serum to The Ordinary, the oil feels sticky serum Drunk Elephant C-Firma) and embedded in the team with any powder and cream decorative means (only it is advisable to wait for the drying of the cream at first).

Perfume bright for my taste smells like lemon Cometa, someone seems nice, I had to get used to. The fragrance is felt only at the time of application on the skin until complete solidification of the cream, then have not heard.

And here on the face:

Bare skin in all its beauty…: pimples, spots, freckles, pores, applied a moisturizer

When applying the CC cream looks greyish-olive, ugly shade, but begin to balance, and tone changes

Right — put a drop on the left — began distributing the remains

For applying all over the face it took me 5-6 drops. The cream is well pigmented, the number in the photo above can stretch half face, if you need quite thin, I applied a medium layer.

Distributed on the face

The skin cream is visible, it does not weightless coverage. Hid spots and a little lined pores, but not blocked the most striking imperfections. You layering, but I point the top will pass a brush with concealer. Said peeling and within a day they become a little more visible.

And here’s another for comparison (sorry, taking pictures of myself blindly, the same angles could not be found)


As such, the cream will sit on the face make-up remover, even if you do not fix powder. I walked with him to the maximum 14 hours and he stood tall, not masivas through the pores and not turning to mush and not oxidizing. For my skin this is a very good result. Wore it in the heat above 30 degrees and it is not flowed (although the person still felt).

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The cream feels on the skin only the first few minutes after application until it dries. On already is weightless, without the stickiness and the greenhouse effect. No unpleasant effects in the form of tingling or casotti not seen.

About anti-aging can not say anything, then I have complex tools work. Lightening of pigmentation is not noticed, but how sun protection works well. The skin after make-up removal., during the day, dryness is not felt, but the fat content is also not shown, the T-zone during the day can not be correct.

But a substantial, a huge minus for me — the cream was light and pleasant. To wash it is necessary a special means for make-up remover, I highly recommend doing this product. And in my case, the acne up from this cream not because of the wrong make-up remover and even the next day, and in the process of finding a cream on the skin. That is inflicted in the morning, in the evening wash — and I already have jumped intruders. With continuous daily use CC cream clog pores at all and the skin is very spoiled. Maybe you this will not happen if the skin is not problematic.

— smooth application of any tool
— does not dry the skin, moisturizes
— covers all the major faults
— does not conflict with care and immediately began
— does not sink into pores and wrinkles
— the steadfast tin soldier
— not swimming in the heat
is a living finish and matte skin effect without powder or mask
— copes with protection from contaminate
— submitted offline in Russia, will have to order and choose a shade of blind
— limited selection of shades
the perfume lover
— peeling stresses
— imprinted on the screen and the collars
— comedogenic
— the skin is visible near the
— placed on the skin of the film, but not the mask

Price: $38 for Panoramico 32 ml; $15 for a miniature 12 ml.

My testing period: 4 months (used every day)

Rating: 6 out of 10. I like his durability and decent behavior in porous and fretful skin, but the provocation of lesions can not forgive him. Recommend this cream only for those who have no obvious skin problems — in this case, he will be pleased.

Please share your feedback: I pick or evaluation justified? What can you recommend for a replacement?

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