Alvin D’or cool look eye shadow No. Ев4-1

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Today we will focus on the budget brands of shadows Alvin D’or. Before the shadows caught me in the online store, I have not heard anything about this manufacturer and seems to have never seen this for sale in my town. I really liked the olive green shade in the palette Payot cool look eye shadow No. ЕВ4-1, for the sake of it and bought it.

Packing of shadows corresponds to the price category, but the sponge inside is quite good and can help out in a pinch. Presented in a palette 4 shades of predominantly green spectrum:

  • emerald,
  • olive,
  • bright silver-green-blue is an interesting shade,
  • grey with a slight brown undertone.

All the satin shades have average pigmentation. On swatches did not want to transfer their color when applying makeup in a strange way behave much better.

Unfortunately, the most unfortunate in the palette was olive shade that I bought. These shadows are solid and have the faintest permenatly. The most successful in the palette is emerald green and grey, they are softer and more saturated, but may crumble when applied.

Shade the shade of good, lay on the eyelids evenly, on the basis of hanging in there all day, nice Shine on the skin. When applying makeup all shades have layering, but to get a good result is still possible.

Price — 250 p.

Rating is 3.

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