Amazing palette Filmstar Bronze and Glow from Charlotte Tilbury

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Good day! Today I would like to tell you about the awesome product Filmstar Bronze and Glow from Charlotte Tilbury.

With the arrival of summer has become a question of finding the “right” bronzer for my light skin. I think many girls are familiar with these searches bronzer without outright being a ginger. And of course I could not pay attention to the palette of Filmstar Bronze and Glow that is stated as ideal for fair to medium skin tones.

With luxury brand Charlotte Tilbury I met last year and already knew all the words and odes about it not just PR and promotion, it is actually a Suite as it is — from design to prices.

The packaging is very original, and reminded me a gift envelope. Consists of two halves of the cardboard boxes (on the reverse side which is written information about the producer, composition, etc.), and when to take those halves, remains in the hands of the envelope cardboard with Golden engraved text, which is information about products and their correct application.

Inside the envelope is an expensive metal case gold color with a large convenient mirror, which is rotated at 90 degrees and two products: a highlighter and brostrom sculptor.

Texture: both have a soft and silky texture, no major inclusions, evenly distributed throughout the skin, easy to become flustered, have incredible durability.

Swatch products in the daylight and in the sun

Filmstar Bronze is not just a bronzer in our usual sense. No excessive reddishness in it, has a gray-brown undertone, so it acts as a sculptor and as a bronzer. As you can see, even on the product itself says “sculpt”. Like most luxury products, medium pigmented, so the spot to put them will be almost impossible, and layering it is possible to achieve the desired effect.

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Perfectly accentuates the cheekbone, perfectly Blendable without clear lines, creating the most natural shade. Due to the presence of fine shimmer, very delicately illuminates the skin, making the image not a dull matte, but very fresh and natural. So is a direct product all year round, not just in the season of “tanned skin”.

Photos with tone

Struck bronzer-sculptor

Filmstar Glow is my favourite highlighter at the moment! Shine effect in pure form. The shade champagne, which is ideal to all Slavic girls. The palette may seem cold, but when you apply it on the skin, it turns into a gentle glow without whitening.

Very soft in texture, well pigmented, lies a thin veil not emphasizing the texture of the skin. To operate it is a pleasure, incredibly beautiful looks on her face. If overlaying is possible to achieve “lights from space”. In General perfect in all respects!!!

Photo on front camera

And photos in full image

This magical case fully justifies its high cost (49.00 pound in 16 g of product). Very sleek and expensive design that works great product that lasts on the skin all day and gives a sleek relaxed look.

Price: 49.00 GBP

Rating ++++5

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