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Today a post about a spontaneous purchase budget of shadows — beautiful, but with its nuances…

Look for?

Look I caught it on the color — a rich purple with lots of tiny sparkles.

The other shades I didn’t even notice the silver seemed dull, copper — your little, Golden beige are also not attracted, since these I have in abundance.

It is the shade 03 (Platinum nights) seemed to me the most interesting, so deep and rich.

The packaging of the shadows is very simple, conventional lightweight plastic with snap-on lid.

Texture — not dry, as it seemed to me at first glance. She seemed to polukarova, Muscovy. A scattering of purple and silver shining particles in a moist translucent gray base.

Swatch in daylight:

Pigmentation, seemingly unmatched in refile, actually turned out to be deceptive.

The shade is poorly passed by the majority of my brushes more or less mastered flat, and then that harder. The solution was found — for shadow I used a simple applicator (forgive me Krygina, offering immediately to burn all the applicators in the world))).

I, by the way, there is always a few simple applicators for just such a complex in applying shadow (cherish time and nerves, and the pigment looks bright, saturated).

Border podeshevev a normal brush.

The shade I wear with a base (not tried otherwise), and I like their appearance to the end of the day/event. As the morning these shades I don’t wear, it’s hard to say how many hours they can withstand, not statuses in the crease. My max is 6 hours. Resistance is phenomenal, but hold adequately, or smearing and not turning into mud.

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In the photo — the shadows at the base ArtDeco, without additional drawing of the crease and so on.

However, I wanted to show how they look solo))

Shadows are dependent on the lighting, changing the hue and color depth, but always look very elegant!

The evening sun:

If you use a pencil the substrate, the shadows look even more intense, and the shimmer looks just cosmically))

Given all the details, I can say that the shade for me was a flop, I used to use them when you need a quick spectacular evening make. And for its price this is quite a useful option.

Price: 200 rubles.

Rating: a solid 4.

Thank you for reading)) has Anyone tried this line of shadow Essence? Please share your feelings!..

Be beautiful)


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