Ame Toscane Intense ID Parfums. The Soul Of Tuscany

Good time to all

Ame Toscane Intense ID Parfums, fragrance for women, belongs to the group floral fruit created in 2017.

Perfumers: Nicolas Beaulieu.

Top notes: lychee, tangerine and apricot

Middle notes: iris, rose and raspberry

Base notes: white cedar, vanilla and musk.

Just an unexpected joy. Morning in Tuscany ). Fruit the beginning of sweet Mandarin, lychee sour, perespevshey with transparent sides, apricots and raspberries. Apricot jam. Then a leisurely fruit entry passes into the beautiful and soft floral bouquet. A lot of putovati iris, pale pink small rose buds and everything is shaded sticks. Very well dosed, not cloying vanilla and clean floral musk. Not to say that masterpiece. But it is a very pleasant floral and fruity powdery fragrance. Gentle, smiling and a bit sleepy. A fleeting beauty. The soul of Tuscany is as beautiful as it is ephemeral. Resistance 3-4 hours, not more. But for the ratio of beauty/quality/price it is excusable instability. And while the aroma of a good trail.

The fragrance is available in Eau de Parfum concentration and volumes of 15 and 50ml.

Price: 3 300 rubles

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p.s. it is a pity that had replaced the beautiful perfume bottle in the form of a girl with flying hair and naked “fifth point” on the ordinary and not remarkable. With the old version don’t know and can’t tell you how much reformulated the scent. But the bottle and saw it was remembered ).

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