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Korean care would not be relevant without ampoule serum. This segment of the care they especially good.

But before I ever meet with such crumbs as Ramosu. It’s the first thing I noticed. Such chips, but these big promises!

Brand Ramosu is a pure and safe formulas designed to restore the beauty of your skin depending on your needs. Ampoule serum concentrate is the strongest and most effective means in the lines with the departure of the Koreans. Often they are narrowly focused and are able to solve a specific problem. For fun I chose three: Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate, Aloe Vera Leaf Extract and Hyaluronic Acid Solution. The General direction they have a similar way is to maintain a desired level of moisture in the skin, and it was interesting of course to compare them individually.

The volume of all sera only 10 ml. are accustomed to surround the jars in 50, and often does 100 ml tiny Glass bottles presented in a black cardboard boxes of different sizes. The inscription on the “facade” provides that the prescribed bottle, use within 28 days. 10 ml and only a month? At first it seems that he goes three times faster, but it was not there.

Serum differ (apart from composition) manner of filing. One of mine is equipped with a standard pipette, which is integrated into the vial. The other two are sealed in a very pharmacy, the cap must be removed and put on a nozzle with a narrow spout with cap, through which she served conveniently drops.

Ramosu Hyaluronic Acid Solution

Essentially hydrating serum. Liquid texture, no color, no smell. 100% hyaluronic acid concentrate. Not sticky and absorbs well. At different times of the year I need 3-5 drops max. And if in cold weather (up to +20 and use a tandem toner+serum 3 drops+emulsion) in the heat of about 28-30 degrees I need just a toner and 5 drops of serum without the use of the emulsion. Even in this reduced version of the skin is nourished with moisture, the wrinkles of dehydration disappear, despite the heat and the subsequent cosmetics placed on the skin without problems.

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The skin is not sticky, smooth and sleek.

10 ml it took me more than a month of use, despite the fact that the third part of the month, I withdrew the serum from evening care, leaving only in the morning. But three weeks before I used it twice a day. Very economical, especially if you consider that I heard about the reviews if its missing someone almost 10 days.

Ramosu Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate

Enzyme galactomyces which I was already familiar. I tried the Korean (again) cream to the skin around the eyes with this ingredient. It was one of the best creams for eyes. If you choose the top 3, then perhaps this is the eye cream with avocado from Kils, cream for the voice of the galactomyces which is from the Skin House and Nanomic Cream from the Cefine.

So, I digress. Although the galactomyces which pre-biased well treated, just was sure that the serum will work for me like it)

This percent good because they are rich in minerals and amino acids. Acts as a moisturizer and a “cleaner” and a refresher of the skin. Works as a delicate peeling, slowly processing and removing dead skin cells. With this serum, I almost stopped using the peels. If in cold weather, I consistently use them on average 3 times a week, warm 1-2 times per week, with Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate I slid to the peeling only once in 10 days. Just eliminated the need so often to Polish the skin.

The serum does not dry, very good moisturizes the skin. Makes it very soft, smooth and pleasant to the touch. Not sticky. And as durable as the previous one.

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Ramosu Aloe Vera Leaf Extract

Baby, which had for the longest time — 1.5 months. Serum, which had been my assistant in the hellish heat of 30. It nourishes, softens, moisturizes, skin very soft and smooth. A little, evens out skin tone. Good effect on the inflammation — at the time of application I did not have any redness, although occasionally they are there. One of the most effective and good serum. Soothes the skin after sunbathing. Burnt noses return to normal literally over night))

Not sticky (as well as others). Serves as an excellent base under makeup. The pores do not clog. Used the serum as well under the eye, the result is good, the cream on top is rarely needed, not to mention masks.

Swatch, texture, aroma and texture all serums are very similar: one a bit thinner, one a bit thicker so a photo collage is just one:

In my opinion, the brand turned out great just whey. A purchase which, in spite of the beauty variety, I want to repeat. Really effective working structures. And let krohotulechki bottle lasts an average of a month, its price is also a big bonus — a little more than 500 rubles for 10 ml it seems to me quite adequate. But the biggest plus is the ability to alternate formulations depending on the condition of the skin, and also the time of year. For example, autumn is coming, and I’d like to try collagen ampoule serum, which fights against dull complexion. And the winter — the snail. And then go back to gialuronova.

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By the way, sera can be used in three ways: the actual solo with a clean effect, you can add a few drops to your cream to enhance the effect, and use them under the dermaroller. As with any mechanical things for the skin I still use, and prefer a serum to apply separately from the cream, that is, one before, another after, the option I chose only one.

Have you tried Ramosu?

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