Amway has determined that Smoking influences the microbiome of the skin

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Another study allowed to reveal deeper understanding of how the skin microbiome – a diverse community of bacteria, fungi and other microbes living on the skin surface, and which key factors have the greatest impact on aging and overall health of our skin.

New research project – a collaboration between Amway and Microbiome Insights. The results were recently published in the scientific journal mBio. In the article scientists claim that 20% of the diversity of bacteria on the skin of people can explain the demographic, physiological characteristics and way of life.

The project involved 495 people aged 9 to 78 years, which were collected more than 2,500 samples of smears from four sites of the skin and mouth. Scientists have discovered that the most influential factors determining the composition of the microbiome of the skin, associated with levels of porphyrins of the skin – fluorescent molecules synthesized by propionibacteria acne involved in the development of acne. In addition, an important role plays the age of the person and the use of sunscreens. For the skin inside the mouth, for comparison, ethnicity, and Smoking showed the strongest associations with the microbiome study participant.

The study also discovered various samples of the skin microbiome that are consistent with chronological age, and other wrinkles on the face and hyperpigmentation spots; the discovery of the bacterium Corynebacterium kroppenstedtii and its relationship with aging skin is the first step to understanding how this organism may participate in the aging process of the skin.

Commenting on the results issledovaniy, Pedro Dimitriu, senior Director of bioinformatics in the Microbiome Insights, Inc., who has collaborated with Amway in this project noted that its results contribute to understanding why the microbiomes of the skin so different in each person. “We know that the environment outside the body to some extent affects the microbiome of the skin, but this study shows certain factors of lifestyles and the owner, who also form the bacterial diversity of the skin”.

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