An innocent girl from the Essence. The lipstick and lip tint Kiss the black sheep

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Hello! Today I will talk about another Tinto from the Essence. I think that many people remember my past posts about the different lipsticks of this series. So, today I’ll tell you about a product that I met quite by accident…

A little Preface: when I wrote the previous post about the Tinto, I looked at the website Essence, something to read (part or description, will not say exactly), and, quite by accident, in the line data natural I’ve met this option. It was a “new” icon, so I have no special illusions fed, as the company I order through joint procurement, and there is often a shortage/out of stock etc. But at that moment the stars were on my side, and this black tint I have 🙂

Today I will show you the Lipstick and lip tint Kiss the black sheep in the shade 05 stand out from the crowd.

Lipstick manufactured in Poland, the volume is very decent — 4.8 grams. On the bottle is painted humble sheep with big eyes. Can say that the lipstick is average, judging by my mermaid lipstick, which I got in may of this year.

Stick the fondant, as you know, black. The smell is also present, but some light rapidly disappearing. The taste of lipstick there. The color is not easy to describe, as the manufacturer promises that the color will vary depending on the pH of the person. For me it’s kind of purple-gray. But the shade is very pale and dim.

My lips, as I said, very pale, so for comparison we show exactly how this tint. The photo on the left: upper lip — just apply the tint, the lower the “naked”. Pictured right: tint on both lips after a couple of minutes.

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On the left in the back of the room, right by the window (cloudy day):

Lips look very natural.

Resistance to the lips is worthy of 2 hours with absolutely no changes, even with wet Shine. After that, the humidity starts to fade, but some color remains for 3-4 hours. Remove from the lips, giving them a standard color, I could not get even two-phase fluid, and the previous shades it washed off easily. While the lipstick has a wet Shine, he can stay on that toucheth, and after tint at all on anything not printed.

But the members of this collection, from left to right:

Kiss the black sheep in the shade 05 stand out from the crowd.

Kiss the mermaid in the shade 03 become mermaizing.

Kiss the flamingo in shade 04 take it flamencool

Kiss the flamingo in shade 01 Switch to fairytale princess.

160₽цена10/10оценка3 weeks, 2 R/danapalooza

As a result, my hand is when choosing Tinta stretches to my very first, to the blue mermaid, others are also used, but, I think, the remaining three shade very similar.

Tried this lamb? What natural you like more?

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