Analysis of the selfie allows you to increase online sales of cosmetics

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The company Revieve claims that online shoppers who have the ability to analyze your self, increase conversion rate (the ratio of the number of visitors to the site, made a purchase, to total visitors) 50%.

Revieve is a venture company operating in the field of cosmetic technology, whose headquarters are located in Finland. The organization works with retailers and cosmetic brands, providing services of Internet consultant on cosmetics, which is commonly available in traditional stores at their online versions.

The company conducted its own research, trying to determine the degree of influence of self on purchases, and how the conversion depends on the ability to perform a selfie right in the online store or on the website of the brand. Anonymous data used in the study were collected on four continents through the web sites of retailers and cosmetic brands where the app is acting Revieve Digital Beauty Advisor.

Sampo Parkkinen, CEO, Revision, said that evidence suggests that a high visual quality and individual features selfie perfect for attracting consumers and increasing the number of purchases. Note also that the selfie was recognized as one of the factors of cosmetic surgery, which confirms similar trends in consumer behavior.

“The results prove how beneficial can be an online-analysis of selfies for brands and retailers of beauty in building confidence, attracting customers and, ultimately, more personalized experience for the consumer, provide an online shop, cosmetics, – says Mr. Parkkinen. – Despite the fact that we recognize that many retailers and brands already provide a personalized experience in terms of sales to help our customers choose the right products, the results of our study clearly demonstrate the potential of the analysis of the clients face selfie and, as a consequence, improving the quality of customer service which causes such service”.

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Parkkinen suggests that the digital platform offers a whole new world to attract consumers and manifestations of loyalty have significant potential and opportunities for further development. “The results of the study emphasize the increasing importance for beauty brands and retailers the opportunity to provide their customers digital services which help consumers to feel a personal connection with the brand or retailer,” he says.

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