Anastasia Beverly Hills “Modern Renaissance” eye shadow palette

On the palette, which lay almost untouched for a year and was posted for sale.

Already at the end of the summer I decided to write a post about a very warm summer and a bright palette. In General, I try not to include shades of makeup to a particular season, but here’s the colors I associate with summer sunset.

About buying long pondered — the best selling palette 2016-2017 Reviews pile on all languages. Not enough to your imagination for creativity — using the same bunch of “tutorials” on all occasions (options of makeup with her, really, a lot). The palette also called “universal”. Yes, high quality shadows.

PS After only zatista palette was taken away and six months later put up for sale.

So when she “came” to me, it looked like this:

Now, after almost three months of use, it looks like this:

Some shades remained almost untouched until now made only a couple of “swatches”.

Shades closer:

Palette, of course, beautiful. Very elegant.

Each shade individually:

Tempera — beige, Matt

Golden Ochre “sand-yellow”, matte

Vermeer “pearl pearl”, metallic

Buon Fresco — lilac, matte

Antique Bronze — tone “antiqued bronze” satin

Love Letter — “crimson” matte

Cyprus Umber — “dark coffee”, Matt

Raw Sienna — amber, frosted

Burnt Orange — “bright orange”, Matt

Primavera — Golden, metallic

Red Ochre “red ochre”, Matt

Venetian Red — “red”, matte (satin but I see “glimpses”)

Warm Taupe — “earthy grey”, Matt

Realgar — “brick”, Matt

All together:

Palette with a unique color scheme. Such an earthy-orange and red shades to this palette is not met. Now, of course, there are so many indie brands with similar color schemes that is already “done to death”, but Anastasia was the first. I think there are shades of all the shades of the brand is unique. One “Subculture” is worth.

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Makeup options isn’t a sunset?:

Photos tried to make natural, in General, all as in life. Not with such a close distance, of course. The pigmentation of the shadows can evaluate themselves.

This is probably the brightest option I tried.

More wearable:



Well, now, will “spread” the pros and cons of the palette.


  • the packaging is heavy and beautiful with a velvet coating and with a great mirror;
  • the softness of the shadows;
  • phenomenal pigmentation;
  • the lightness of feather. I would even say super-easy. The shade of shade in a jiffy. Despite the high pigmentation of the shadows, they are just impossible to clear spots. Even the brightest and most grease stain can easily smudge in the haze. This palette may be the first purchase of the shadows for a “newbie”;
  • all shades are perfectly combined among themselves and shade into one another, there is no “dirt” does not work;
  • shiny shades, even a “dry” way excellent “transfer” metallic effect;
  • included is a nice double-sided brush — the flat side, for example, I put “Metallica”;
  • phenomenal resistance — the shadows look “freshly done”, “juicy” and bright even after 10 hours. All the shadows apply only on the “base”. “Base” can be even just powder
  • a lot of makeup options;
  • versatility — despite the conspicuous especially vivid hues, the palette can be “quiet” day makeup.


  • packaging is heavily soiled, but washed “mitsellyarnoi”. I still keep in the “home” a cardboard box, so it stays quite clean. But too bright spots, unfortunately, not rubbed, remains stubborn pigment(;
  • strong shedding shadows because of their softness (probably) — they are not just dust in the brush, they crumble. Especially when shaking off shadow brush piled “stream” on the floor) So they can leave crumbs under your eyes, unless to powder the area. So, I shadows work very gently, barely touching them with a brush, shedding less, but they are for me not critical due to strong pigmentation and easy to work with.
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For myself, I noted more pros than cons.

The shade is cool, I fully agree with a huge amount of positive feedback on them. This is probably the best characteristics of shadows that I’ve tried, really.

But to sell it I decided at first just because for me the gamma of the shadows turned out well, very “warm”. That’s straight too. Even now, when I finally decided to leave the famous mosaic in the collection a year ago and I did “spread” and “tasted” — I again said to myself that the shades don’t quite “fit” in my appearance. Therefore, in the makeup with these shadows I am sure I am getting the eye or upper/lower mucosa or simply draw an “arrow” and “bold” to stain the lashes, otherwise, without a clear framing of the eyes look much”tired”. Also noted that all sand orange shades in the palette give visual my skin “yellowness” or is it just me? Someone, too, right?) But I still enjoy the shadows, trying to just “beat” their lipstick or blush for a harmonious image.

For this reason, Soft Glam by me — I think that would be the same effect, and Norwin just did not like. In serious thought about buying Subculture.

Despite some disadvantages (for some, they seem significant, I admit), but in my opinion, Modern Renaissance — the best palette ever was invented.

Weight of shadows: every shade of 0.7 g

The shade made in USA, brush made in China.

Cost: 42$

Rating: 5.

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