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Hello! Since I bought a few products, the brand Lilo, Belarusian cosmetics, respectively, and posts will be few. Today we will discuss shadows and eyeliner. This is one of the most difficult of my posts on the transmission quality of the shadows so many photos to writing the post I did has never. But what, let us know, we go…

Mark Lilo released a small amount of money and for myself, I chose only what I needed.

Let’s start with the shadows.

Eyeshadow compact 4U Lilo Like a ton 103

Hard plastic, small size, sturdy enough.

Colors: sandy yellow and khaki with gold Chimera.

The texture of the shadows is soft not dry, the shadow is not concourse, when typesetting on brush dust.

On switche fingers can be seen that shades well typed, but just then, the fun begins.

Swatch: top row–based, bottom row– without base. Applied with your fingers.

On the basis of

Without a database.

Šimera gone.It is also without a base, but shimer is already visible. Swatch different.

Here is a Swatch on hand without base and made brush.

And look at the shades directly on the eyelids. In the photo below you will see these shadows at different times of the shooting. Yes, they are strange, because I take them off over and over again to show how they can behave. I’m just going to explain each photo, you will see for yourself.

Shade light applied by brush on the eyelid without a base. It was practically impossible to move normally, sometimes plesivec.

This khaki hue is also a brush applied to the eyelid without a base. The transmission hue is very weak.

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Then I joined them into a single makeover.

It seems to be good, but the darker shade is dusty when applied and is flaking under the eyes, in the end, I see the makeup somehow untidy. No, not because of shedding, it is possible to remove, but in the shadows, and get some sort of dirt.

This makeup is the same shades, but another day. Light shade. See it? Search for.

And this makeover in the same day, without the base, the area darkened.

Another attempt. Then on the eyelid caused a khaki hue at the base and just restorefile. It seems to be not bad.

Here solo and with a base I can still wear.

Well, my last attempt. Sandy shade.

What can I say after a week of daily domestication of these shadows. I have some vague conclusions. It seems to be a shade of khaki I like, like and does not look bad, but after a couple of hours it looks like the usual dirt, make-up, some not beautiful, as if smeared. Yellow tint can’t wear, he combined with hacks are also some weird solo is not so hot.

It seems to be I can’t say that the shade of disgusting, but much to praise the language is not rotated. I don’t like how untidy it looks with them makeup here.

The pencil-contour for eyes Lilo tone 03

The decor is the same as in pencils for lips and I like it. Well tochitsya.

The shade I have is brown.

The texture is soft, no need to push and stretch the skin of the eyelid, but not oil, to move at the wrong moment. For me, great texture. It is not waterproof, but is holding up well.

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I often, if I wear an arrow, it’s not graphic, but such soft, for these purposes, I have the pencil perfect. Here it will be buying again and again. And the shades are beautiful.

So the shade looks just after application, it seems to be good, but I see in the mirror the dirt and when I asked a friend what color is the shade on me, she moaned moaned and said, “Well, those are some bright and slightly grey”. These are all and said.

Thanks for reading, mark and comment. All the best.

Julia PS.

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