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Something incurred me to get nostalgic for the old lehmanniana past. What is clear lacosate happening in the world. Everywhere. No one is buying limiti, they quietly lying on the shelves and online, nobody is waiting for the new collection, booking in all possible ways, related in all social networks and just lacquer blogging is becoming less and less. Where did everyone go? In gels and Shallaki?

I, of course, also happened noticeable lacquer recession. And if… Oh, what… 4-5 ago I wrote exclusively about lucky and bought them not one ten a month, then actively went in dekorativku and a little care, and now even I somehow become papadomanolaki. But I digress.

Oh, I haven’t painted my nails with the England! I confess, at the time, they pushed me away solidifying its texture, and I’m a few years lost them from view. Even missed that the brand has updated the brush and made a texture paint and de-al Noi.

Here they are, new brushes, a semicircular, optimum softness, a semicircle near the cuticle and paint perfect, will not need adjustment even for me, and I’m a noble pedant.

The new formula (was changed? or I just got such flexible lucky?) I was captivated. The polishes applied perfectly, smoothly and right the first time, you can not even apply a second coat, it just unnecessarily. It often happens that a second layer is needed for the intensity of the color (well, if you do not take the option, when the second layer is vital, since the first formed translucent, and generally with bald spots), but here no, actually you can do one.

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Lucky is persistent (by the way, tell about the TX both at once, they are absolutely identical), 4-5 days can they go without fear that lucky allupate, crack. They are not afraid of even very active the rest of the city. Usually any other nail Polish I prefer to wash off, if there’s a party in the woods, because movements of the hands well, very much, and want to flaunt leafless manicure, but with England as nailed.

There is another point. Remember I recently talked about the top Berenice, who pulls almost all the lakes? Now, with Maxim and Mrs Danvers, he behaved just perfect, its not even noticeable, no boundaries, no retraction, no bands. See macro))

Oh, and also, those lucky top is vital. The fact that the native semi-matte finish they have. I do not favor, and coupled with holography it looks a little weird, so top.

The rest of the varnish is perfect. Looking in more detail.

A England Mrs Danvers

Mrs. Danvers is the new laid asphalt after the rain, which plays with reflections of the gloomy sky yet.

Lac Mrs Danvers was released in November 2018 in the collection on the English novel “Rebecca”, written by the writer Daphne du Maurier. The action takes place in the estate Manderly where the British aristocrat, Maximillian de winter comes to live with his new wife.

Mrs. Danvers is the housekeeper in the old house where the couple settled. She is very devoted to the memory of the previous mistress Rebecca — so demonstrated hostility and contempt for the new Mrs. de winter. Refuses to comply with her orders and fear-mongering on the poor girl.

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As usual, without the sun/electric light holography is practically invisible. The paint looks quite modest. But very stylish. And he’s insanely cool on the pedicure, although I do love the black lacquer on the legs.

This nail Polish I love to use at parties, in bars especially looks cool. In the classical field he, of course, is not the place. Cool dark blue denim and a white chunky knit and big boots. If you have juicy or Smokey arrows of the same color — even fire!

But as Mrs. Danvers could look at the sun, but I, in its capacity as electric light stands=) here he reveals all its extravaganza, and no longer looks so coy, who pretended to be earlier.

A England Maxim

Max is… well, very difficult for me to describe this color. Then the cherry, and red, and brown, all seasoned with a huge amount of silver and other holographic shimmer. He is like velvet and very comfortable, but at the same time he has so much charisma, as in the Sicilian men =)

Polish Maxim was released in November 2018 in the collection, created under the impression from the spectacular English novel “Rebecca”, which was written in 1938.

British aristocrat Maxim meets pleasure a girl and falls in love with her, and then offers his hand and heart. But when the new Mrs. de winter arrives at the family estate Manderly, it turns out that the man wasn’t going to forget his first wife Rebecca.

This paint is more alive and burning even in cloudy weather. He seemed to be holding back, ready to explode with bright flashes at any second and burn your hands and eyes.

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More classic than the previous fellow. In the office, at a children’s party — anywhere. And with almost anything.

As it is difficult for me to describe its color, so difficult to say what I like to wear it. Yes, almost all of it. It is not necessary to pick an outfit, he’s more likely to be used to complement the image, not the keynote. Therefore, all 4-5 days socks you can change outfits at least 10 times a day, and Max will always be relevant.

And just look how beautiful he is, when “off”!

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