And could be the best… Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude Water Fresh Makeup SPF 30, shade 1C1 Cool Bone

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To tell you the truth, the tone of Estee Lauder I bought because I wanted to find a worthy replacement for your pet Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua (esty sometimes, you can buy with 50% discount, and Chanel).

I’m 26 years old, normal skin prone to dryness. I believe that my skin without strong drawbacks, therefore the tone used mainly to impart a beautiful tint to the face. The choice of Foundation funds are complicated by the fact that I have very fair skin.

The lightest shade in the line Double Wear Nude is 1C1 Cool Bone, I took it.


Very solid heavy frosted glass bottle with a gold cap.

The first minus for me, means the absence of the dispenser. A couple of times Strait tool, I decided that the pump is absolutely necessary. It is sold separately and costs about 500 rubles. I have not found in stores pump from EL so at your own risk ordered a pump of Clinique: it is visually not very suitable for the bottle, but works fine.

pump Clinique and next to the original cap of the bottle


Shade 1C1 Cool Bone — bright tone with rogovenko, a translucent coating, it is possible to feather almost to zero.

The cream, liquid, oily. The skin slips right. The brush may be slightly porosity, so I prefer to work with your hands (or wield the brush and douchevina a damp sponge).

Coating easy, lends itself to layering, but it is of little use. If you skin is strong and redness, the cream not hide it and three layers.


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The finish gives a moist skin looks healthy and glowing. In most cases, I like the result, but Double Wear Nude cannot be called smooth:

  • Strongly imprinted on the phone and on clothing during the day
  • Emphasizes skin texture. Greatly emphasizes.

Yet I note zamorochinsky of application: bare skin has stained, “for then,” it’s hard to blend, moisturizing base lays down good, but in the mid-afternoon T-zone starts to Shine (this is with my dry skin almost never happens). The best method of application I think that the Double Wear almost immediately after having a heavy moisturizer.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Nude makeup

Add a spoonful of honey to soften the tar: with continued use, the pores do not clog. Well, in the General makeup, I still like it 🙂

Price: average price 2900 rubles (in my case, for the action turned out to 1900 rubles for a cream + 360 rubles per pump)

Rating: 4 minus

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