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‘ve heard so much about the new line of lipsticks that not to try at least one was impossible!

I have a few classic Velvetine, and shade of Cashmere, even repeated, and it seemed to me that thinner coating can not be) Edinoroga magic mark was surprised and design, and quality.

Plump transparent bottle with a volume of 3.5 ml (more than one), encased in transparent pink plastic box. Sponge small, rounded, and very soft. If he draws the contour of the lips.

Aroma of candy and quickly disappears after application. Cap tightly secured and the restrictor allows the lipstick to leak.

The texture is almost water, in General, the usual Lime Crime.

Shade might have a lot of favorite, pink-beige, with a share of barely-noticeable cool lilac. And then, when it gets pale and some cool lighting. The sun almost morning rose! Lipstick scary chameleonic and on the hand it looks like on the lips — very different. Well, I bought it, focusing on spotchem, and I’m crazy like that raspalennoe purplish cocoa!

On the lips of almost not felt, so the coating in one layer of thin and weightless. Borders with mucosa not seen, so this shade blends with your own lip pigment. If layering — feels like the lipstick will not differ from the dense velvetines.

Persistent! Survive the tea and biscuits, low-fat lunch. If fade in the middle of the lips because of the shade of this is generally not noticeable, and then easily corrected. Removed very simple micellar water.

My lips do not dry out, but it’s all very individual of course.

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On the lips, daylight window:

The full image, I think, fits to any makeup:

In order to avoid problems (painted over the name of the store):

Rating: 5+

Price: 1990 rubles

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