And how do You protect your hair termoukladke? I Kerastase. Compare 2 different tools

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Hello! Today I want to talk about your daily protection hair with rich formula.

Yes, You heard right — I wash my hair daily and dry them, too, almost always, with rare exception, when I have the time to dry them naturally.

A little background: I have oily, medium density, dyed in blond hair. Always been very good, but, over time, of course to deteriorate. Not the last role was played by frequent dyeing and of course a Hairdryer. Before I was washing my hair at night and only slightly tighten the ends with a brush, a hair dryer, but last year I changed the rules — now I’m washing my hair in the morning and almost completely dried hair and then another dokladyvaet brush. After all these manipulations, I began to notice, almost my eyes became terribly to split the hair, not just ends and throughout its length. I was horrified, I bought a bunch of masks (if interested, I’ll share my experience), decided to change the protection from termoglaze. I used some not very distinct Spremi.

Turned for advice to my hairdresser and she advised me to Kerastase. So, I had this buddy:

Termoactivation regenerating milk for weakened hair Kerastase Resistance Ciment Thermique Heat-Activated Reconstructor Milk For Weakened Hair

The box has not survived.

This tool is positioned as a restorative lotion to protect, strengthen weakened hair. Promises Shine and restoring hair.

The bottle is a soft tube, convenient to use. But about 1.5 weeks after using I broke cover — began to scroll.

In texture it is very light, liquid, siliconate. It needs to apply a little bit on shoulder-length hair, it is very easy damp/wet hair. I put in the following way: squeeze into the palm a small amount of milk, whisk and apply from mid length to the hair. No tackiness or greasy on hair or hands remains.

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Does not weigh down the hair slightly easier to comb. The hair after styling light, agile, looks more smooth and healthy. The oiliness of the hair have no effect.

The aroma is very pleasant, and quite fresh and unobtrusive. On the hair is not delayed.

So look hair after styling with this lotion.

Photo does not convey the full feeling of use, but it is clear that the hair smoother.

As for the direct thermal protection of milk? I can judge only on the indicators that the hair does not become worse. On the contrary — they respond to treatment masks, and heat styling is not an obstacle. So the thermal protection is working perfectly.

Volume: 150 ml

Manufacture: Spain.

Term test: more than 2.5 months

Price: 2300 RUB.

Rating: 5.

Fundamental conditioner for very dry hair Kerastase Nutritive Crème Magistrale Hair Balm

This balm goes first as the care of very dry hair. But my cabin is always protected when laying them. And my hairdresser spoke about it very positively. And when was the end lotion, I decided to try this product more thoroughly.


The balm is designed to soften dry hair, the feeling of napisannoi, elasticity, Shine and of course protect termoukladke.


The texture of the balm is more dense than milk. This is more of a cream. It is in the jar, not very easy to remove it with your fingers (about hygiene I keep quiet). The jar is small, but the product is very economical.

The texture is dense, more siliconata compared to milk my dry, but on the contrary oily hair have to take quite a bit of money. Your hair, similar to the first product. Also distributed easily through the hair, but the hair feels not even the severity, but rather that just because they got something done. Hands, after all, it is necessary to wash, there is still a little stickiness. The hair easy to comb, not heavier.

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After laying the hair look more really nourished, well-groomed, even compared to milk. This is a more powerful tool, if your hair is more dry, I recommend to buy it.

About the heat properties of the experience is completely similar to jelly. The only difference in the texture and the overall needs of the hair.

The facility has a very active aroma, pleasant, sweet. Once, the first time I applied too much and while was drying my hair, was surprised over the intensity of fragrance, and kept then for some time. But if you put a little money, then during installation there of course, but then no choice disappears.

Volume: 150 ml

Produced: Spain.

Testing period: 2 weeks daily.

Price: 2100 RUB.

Rating: 5.

In summary: two great heat tools, economical, pleasant to use. Milk is light and basic, without any special frills, it just does its primary business. Balm — already more than “heavy artillery”, suggest for drier hair, but for people like me, is also quite good.

Thank you for your attention


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