And once it was the fashion: remember the beauty in the images of “Amy” in the 80s and 90s years

On September 17 in Los Angeles will host a 70th anniversary ceremony of awarding the prize “Emmy”. SPLETNIK.RU indulging in some nostalgia, I dug into the archives and gathered the most memorable beauty images of celebrities (spoiler: pearl lipstick, brown lipstick and, of course, very voluminous hairstyles with crazy hair in the best tradition of the heroines of “Santa Barbara”).

“Emmy” traditionally celebrates the best actors and Actresses of the TV series of the year, but fans are more interested in not taken rewards, and the outfit, hair and make-up of a particular star. A moment of nostalgia for the most ridiculous star fashion-the images we already had, now it’s time to remember the spectacular beauty of the bows that are now successful language does not turn.

In the era of disco every self-respecting star took to the red carpet always with blue, pink or purple flickering shadows (of course, blending them to brow-threads) and delighted fans drew attention to the hairstyle, made of lush fleece. The stylists did not know the concept of “less is more” styling was supposed to look like above it worked, still holding a bottle of hairspray and a tube of gel, five hours that way. Star clients have asked a good to flavor their hair in a handful of mousse the size of a tennis ball, and without voluminous blowout from the salon came out.

“Mood color purple,” and I want to say looking at a photo of the American actress Jean Kasem, with the ceremony of the “Emmy” in 1987. Purple dress, gloves, necklace, lipstick, eyeshadow, blush and even floral headband this shade.

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Jean Kasem

Actress Danica McKellar for the ceremony in 1990, apparently ran after the prom. How else can you explain this white bow and a strange haircut?

Danica McKellar

Pop singer Cyndi Lauper to shock the audience as they could. That’s “Emmy” she looked as if going to a theme party.

Tracey Ullman

Clearly summed up a dark lip pencil, brown lipstick — the constant hits of the 90s. Neither Melanie Griffith nor Jennifer aniston or Eva Longoria is not complete without the bright blue eye shadow. Looked strange, but it was wildly fashionable.

Melanie Griffith

Jennifer Aniston

Eva Longoria

Whether in the Arsenal of makeup was dark tonal resources, whether for stars specially selected products for a couple, and then three shades lighter than needed. That is why many celebrities under the flashes of cameras looked just like the heroes of the film “Interview with the vampire”.

Where Are You?

Gillian Anderson

Mary Tyler Moore

Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Tori Spelling

Sarah Michelle Gellar

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